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All About Digital Prints

All About Digital Prints

Posted by Heat Transfer Warehouse on Oct 24th 2019

Haven’t tried or didn’t know we even offered digital print heat transfer vinyl? Here’s your chance to learn more about the 3 different options you have before you decide which is right for you! But first, let’s go over what digital print heat transfer vinyl even is.

Digital Print Heat Transfer Vinyl is 15” wide (14” printed) printed heat transfer vinyl that is printed right in house here at our Fargo location! This is a great way to offer something different to your customers besides the standard HTV or jazz up any garment. Like we mentioned before, there are 3 different options when it comes to Digital Print Heat Transfer Vinyl so let’s get to it!


Your first option is Stock Digital Prints. These are designs and patterns that our amazing art team has already come up with for you!

All we need from you to get these in your hands is:

  1. Navigate to this page and pick the pattern or design you’re looking for.
  2. Select the length you need
  3. Select your quantity
  4. Add to your cart
  5. Place your order. It’s THAT simple!

We’ll print it off and send it right out the door! From Athletic/Sport patterns for football, basketball or softball to Nature/Camouflage patterns that include Birch Tree, Cow Print or Daisy, there are hundreds of options already made!

If you’re wanting a little more customization but do not want to create your own design this next option is for you!

Custom Stock Patterns are pre-designed patterns (over 40 patterns to choose from) that you pick your background and foreground color for! These range from a paw pattern that you can make custom for your school to anchors that you can customize for Summer! They’re available in 5 yard roll increments.

To create your own Custom Stock Pattern

  1. Navigate to this page and choose a stock pattern
  2. Choose a background color
  3. Choose a foreground color
  4. Once you have chosen these, an automatic pattern preview will generate.
  5. Make sure you love what you’ve created
  6. Select your quantity
  7. Add to your cart
  8. Place your oder

With over 1,300 possible combinations, it’ll be hard to decide!

Don’t see a Stock Pattern or Custom Digital Print that you’re completely in love with?

Our last option is to create your own Custom Digital Pattern! These are available in 5 yard roll increments and we’ll need a few things for you.

To start:

  1. Your artwork must be set up as a 14” width X 36” height dimensions. Heat Transfer Warehouse will them repeat the pattern 5 times to make your 5 yard roll.
  2. You will navigate to this page and upload your artwork.
  3. You will fill out the information needed (Full Name, email address and an optional message)
  4. Click the upload button
  5. Once your artwork has updated return to the Custom Digital Pattern page and select your quantity that you’d like
  6. Click add to cart
  7. Pay for your Custom Digital Pattern
  8. Our art department will send you an email with a proof
  9. You will need to approve it
  10. Once it’s approved we will print it and ship it off to you!

All of our Digital Prints can be applied to Cotton, Polyester/Cotton blends and Polyester/Acrylic blends. They’re applied at 320°F for 17-20 seconds using medium/ even pressure and are peeled warm. Wash with cold water and dry inside out.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information! Plus, the live chat on our website makes it easy to get in touch with a HTW representative throughout the day.