Siser Twinkle and Siser Sparkle Color Rundown

Siser Twinkle and Siser Sparkle Color Rundown

Apr 16th 2021

Siser has always had great options when it comes to glitter vinyl. There are so many colors and countless things to do with the vinyl! In this blog we are going to talk about two of their glitter vinyls, Siser Twinkle, and Siser Sparkle, which are both OUT of this WORLD.

Siser Twinkle

Twinkle is a great Siser product that appears to almost shine when the glitter winks and wavers. The intense sparkle gives a reflective quality to the glossy surface, and the brilliant colors stand out against the color of your garment. Here is a rundown of the different colors the Twinkle line has to offer:

 Twinkle Red is in the middle of Easyweed Red and Bright Red. Light makes the color transition to the brighter red, and you see the individual flakes more.

Twinkle Orange is a very fun color. It is a bit brighter than regular Easyweed Orange and Twinkle Copper.

Twinkle Copper is a very unique color. There is no regular Easyweed color comparable to this, but Easyweed Electric Copper is very close to this color, without the glitter flakes.

Twinkle Gold is similar to the Siser Glitter Gold, but has a bit thinner feel. It also is slightly less yellow.

Twinkle Green is much brighter than Easyweed Green. Its reflective quality makes it appear similar to a lime shade of green, but not as light as Easyweed Lime Green.

Twinkle Aqua is a beautiful combination of blue and green. Its closest color in other Siser products would be Mermaid Blue Siser Glitter. This color is very reflective and appears to give off its own light.

Twinkle Royal Blue is very similar to Easyweed Royal Blue, but shinier, obviously. It has more blue tint than the Aqua Twinkle.

Twinkle Navy Blue is close to Easyweed Navy Blue. On dark fabric, it is difficult to see unless the light hits it and shows its reflective quality. On light fabric, it looks great and the contrast is extraordinary.

Twinkle Purple has a similar color to Siser Glitter Eggplant or Siser Glitter Purple. This color from the Twinkle line is a little darker than the Fuschia Twinkle.

Twinkle Fuschia is lighter than the Twinkle Purple, and is comparable to the Siser Glitter Lavender.

Twinkle Rainbow is a unique color to the Siser Twinkle line!! It appears to be a combination of the Twinkle Gold, Twinkle Fuschia, and Twinkle Aqua! It presses beautifully and still has the glitter flakes that other Twinkle colors have.

Twinkle Silver is very comparable to Siser Glitter Silver. It is thinner, like the rest of the Twinkle line, but has a great reflective aspect.

Siser Sparkle

Siser Sparkle is a fashionable alternative to glitter htv. It is comparable to twinkle, but is thinner and has more sparkle flakes in it. It is specially constructed to be soft to the touch and each of the 14 colors includes tiny silver glitter flakes to give it a smooth finish. The opportunities with this vinyl are ENDLESS, especially since it can be layered. Now let’s go over the color options for this sparkly htv:

Sparkle Tomato Red is a bright shade of red, with lots of tiny silver sparkles in it! It is a deeper shade than any of the Sparkle or Twinkle reds/pinks.

Sparkle Sunset Orange is very similar to Siser Easyweed Orange with the color, and the small flakes of sparkle complement the color well.

Sparkle Gold Star is similar to the shade of gold Twinkle and is close to the shade of Buttercup Yellow Sparkle, but is a deeper shade.

Sparkle Buttercup Yellow is a light shade of yellow and resembles Easyweed Lemon Yellow.

Sparkle Green Leaf looks close to Easyweed Green, with sparkle flecks making it very reflective. It pairs well with the Silver Sword Sparkle, and stands out great on darker fabrics.

Sparkle Blue Jeans is a lighter shade of blue than the Sparkle Cornflower Blue, and is similar to Easyweed Royal Blue.

Sparkle Cornflower Blue is a darker shade of Sparkle than Blue Jeans and has many shiny flecks that make it very reflective in the light.

Sparkle Grapevine is a very deep purple color. When the light doesn’t hit it, it almost appears blue. When the light is reflecting of the sparkles though, it produces a beautiful shimmery purple color.

Sparkle Midnight Black is an amazing color. It could be compared to the Siser Glitter Black Silver, but is more black than that. It looks great on lighter fabrics, and adds shiny detail to dark fabrics as you can see.

Sparkle Silver Sword resembles Siser Glitter Silver. They are very similar, but have a difference in texture! This is a lovely addition to any transfer.

Sparkle Snowstorm White is similar to the Silver Sword Sparkle, but has a more white background. It stands our amazingly on dark garments.

Sparkle Clear is a great addition on a colored garment as well as for layering on a non shimmery vinyl! It can make any regular vinyl into a sparkly one.

If you are looking to add a glittery vinyl to your garments, Siser Twinkle or Siser Sparkle are great options. They have a myriad of colors, and Sparkle can even be layered! Be sure to check these vinyl options out when you want an OUtT of this WORLD look.