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Custom Heat Transfers

Custom Heat Transfers


About Custom Transfers

Why custom transfers? There is going to come a time when a job comes to you that you do not have the technology or equipment or capacity to tackle. This is the time you should take a look at taking advantage of our custom transfers.

We have a great range of options to choose from to help you get that job done. First let’s take a look at

Custom Heat Transfers

Custom Heat Transfers offer full color vinyl transfers printed with a wide format printer on printable htv. This is great for doing patterns, left chest logos, t-shirt tags, full front, backpack, bags etc and works on most garments or fabrics.

These transfers come cut, weeded, masked and ready to press, all you need to do is remove the backing and press. If you want to offer more to your customers, check out our full-color digital sign vinyl which allows you to offer the customer not only the shirt they need but the option for a complete marketing package with transfers for their car, laptop or windows etc. 


Custom Sublimation Transfers

Now, let’s take a look at dye sublimation transfers. These are also full color and can be used on only polyester garments or blends or polyester coated products because dye sublimation bonds directly to polyester through a gaseous process. You can offer your customer full color on a garment or bag but you can also up-sell and offer them sublimation blanks whether that is photo panels, key chains or koozies, the list goes on and on. 

Rhinestone Transfers

One last type of custom transfers we offer is custom rhinestones. These are rhinestone designs made to your specifications and will allow you to add that bling and sparkle of stones in your shop. There is that demand out there for stones and they work great on cheer clothing or even some western type clothes. Crystal is the most popular color but keep in mind that these stones come in many sizes and colors.