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With dye sublimation, you can print full colors, bright colors and multiple colors! When applying to garments, the ink is embedded into the fibers. This allows for the design to feel as if it’s part of the garment and not actually on the garment!, you can also add pictures and hard blanks bringing real value to sublimation printing. Check out Heat Transfer Warehouse for all your Dye Sublimation needs - from dye sublimation printers, dye sublimation paper, printable dye sublimation materials or blanks. Sublimation printing is great way to expand your business and bring more  value to your shop or store.

We offer dye sublimation printers like the SawGrass  sublimation printer SG 500 and Sawgrass sublimation  Printer SG1000 along with paper from Beaver paper and inks. Siser EasySubli is another great option for dye sublimation printing and paper to use on our dye sub ready blanks! We have hard surface blanks like key chains, photo panels, coasters and so much more! We also offer soft blanks like can koozies, car flags, and mouse pads. If you are looking for dye sublimation drink wear, we also offer Polar Camel mugs that come in 20 oz and 15 oz styles. 

If you are still using the classic Sawgrass sublimation printer SG-400 or sawgrass  sublimation printer SG 800 Sublimation printers or looking at the new model of sublimation printers. We are your source for sublimation inks and sawgrass  sublimation inks and sublimation blanks. Please reach out our customer service team for any questions you have on any of your sublimation needs and help us guide you on your sublimation journey.

Want to know more about sublimation? Checkout our youtube playlist for more in-depth information.


Sublimation FAQ's

What Time, Temp & Pressure is best for applying sublimation?

Why is my image ghosting?   

The transfer is moving while heated and transferring dye. Either you are pressing, moving, then pressing again, or you are peeling while hot and then laying the hot paper back down.

Why are my images coming out blurry?

If your images are coming out blurry, it is likely a printer problem. I would first recommend making sure you have a high res / good quality image. Then double check that your printer nozzles / heads are clean.

What kind of material can I sublimate to?

Garments of at least 50% polyester and polyester coated hard blanks.