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Expand your Brand with Supacolor

Expand your Brand with Supacolor

Jul 29th 2021

If you are looking for a great way to expand your brand or small business, Supacolor is the way to go. They offer a variety of transfers like Wearable, Headwear, Blocker, Promotional, and Softshell Blocker. With a different combination of these transfers, you can decorate any blank with your logo or name. Supacolor is a perfect way to order a large quantity of transfers for events like reunions, conventions, grand openings, or even expanding your t-shirt business.

Variety of Transfers

For this example, we decorated a shirt, hat, jacket, and cooler. We used a fishing theme to showcase how you can create a diverse combination of looks / logos that are all connected through theme. If you are a small business owner and are growing rapidly, Supacolor is a great way to outsource your labor. That will free you up for more designing and time to press, package, and ship orders.

Supacolor Wearable:

This design is a Supacolor Wearable, size A3 (11.7” by 16.5”). Supacolor Wearable transfers are perfect for all fabric types! These transfers combine the versatility of transfer paper with the soft feel of screen print in one transfer.

Supacolor Headwear:

This is a Supacolor Headwear transfer, size small headwear (2.5” by 2.5”). These transfers are suitable for most headwear styles, except ones with waterproof coatings. They can also bridge the seam of a 6 panel cap without cracking!

Supacolor Softshell Blocker:

This design is a Supacolor softshell blocker transfer, size Left Chest (4” by 4”). Softshell Blocker transfers are best used when you need to prevent dye migration on garments with no stretch! Soft shell fabrics have a specific dye migration issues and require a special blocker.

Supacolor Promotional:

This logo is a Supacolor promotional transfer, size A4 (11.7” by 8.3”). These transfers are great at adhering to a wide range of fabrics used for promotional items. The Construction is different from the wearable range, and Promotional transfers are not recommended for washing.

If you want to display different versions of the same collected theme, Supacolor is a wonderful resource. The many different sizing and transfer options can be beneficial to mixing up the way you display your brand. There is a plethora of options to decorate more than just shirts!

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