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WALAStones Heat Transfer Rhinestone Sheets

Price: $10.99

WALAStones Heat Transfer Rhinestone Sheets

Low-lead WALAStone Rhinestones will add sparkle and shine to almost any garment. These WALAStone rhinestones  are also CPSIA certified

  • 15.75" x 9.5"
  • Heat Transfer Warehouse recommends hand cutting designs into the rhinestone sheets 
  • Applied with heat press
  • Premium Lead Free Rhinestones
  • Reliable glue backing imported from Europe
  • CSPIA regulation requires 90 ppm maximum 
  • Bulk Bag HotFix Rhinestones
  • Rhinestone Accessories

Crystal = $13.50 Per Sheet
Crystal AB = $13.50 Per Sheet


  • 320°-355° F
  • 10-15 seconds 
  • Peel Warm
  • Medium pressure
  • Adheres to 100% polyester, cotton and all poly/cotton blends
  • Wash inside out with warm water, cool dry

Additional Instructions

This product is CPSIA Certified 

  • FARGO PRODUCT; will make your entire order ship from our Fargo location.

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