How to Apply HTV to Pillow Cases and Blankets

How to Apply HTV to Pillow Cases and Blankets

Mar 18th 2020

HTV is a great way to easily personalize your pillows and blankets. We chose to use metallic HTV to turn these simple designs into eye-catching accent pieces. Here is everything you need to know to press HTV on pillows and blankets. 

  1. If your pillow case is brand new, it will probably have creases and wrinkles. Pre-press your pillow to flatten out creases.
  2. Keep in mind the dimensions of your pillow and design. Our pillows were 15” wide and our design covered one entire side. We were using 12” material, so we cut our design in half and lined them up when the time came to press. It would have been a lot simpler if we were using 15” or 20” material

  3. The edges of the pillow can prevent the HTV from adhering near the edges of the pillowcase. Use a Teflon pillow to make sure the edges get proper pressure.
  4. Press your design at its recommended settings. We pressed EasyWeed Electric, and Thermoflex Plus.

  5. Since the pillows we used were made of canvas, the two layers of fabric stuck together after pressing. Pull apart the layers of the pillowcase after pressing.
  6. Stuff the pillow and celebrate, because you are done!