WALAPress Craft Heat Press Beginner's Guide

WALAPress Craft Heat Press Beginner's Guide

Apr 27th 2021

WALAPress Craft Heat Press

If you are just getting started with crafting and heat transfer vinyl products, or if you are looking for a more portable option for a heat press, our new WALAPress Craft Heat Press is the perfect solution for you! This craft press is a step up from other craft presses you might see in the industry, as most are 9” by 9” but this one is 10” by 12,” giving you a few extra inches of room to press larger transfers! It is perfect for items you want to press that won’t fit in a traditional clamshell like chairs, upholstery, or hard to reach areas. It also works great with dye sublimation!

What is included:

Inside your Craft Press box you will receive the craft press, silicon pad to press on, and the tray to hold your press. Our manual is here: