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Siser Glitter heat transfer vinyl's provide a unqiue sparkle and shine to your next project.  We carry a variety of different glitter vinyl from Siser that feature a different look and finish, and are available in many bright and vibrant colors and lengths.  These include the classic Siser Glitter, as well as neons, the newer Siser Twinkle, Siser Sparkle, and Holographics.

Siser Glitter HTV Comparison

Classic Siser Glitter - This is the standard glitter that featured a textured feel for tje classic glitter design look nd feel, and is available in 12 inch and 20 inch widths.

Siser Glitter Neons - Neons are essentially the same as the classic Siser Glitter with a textured finish, but feature unqiue, bright and vibrant neon color options.  These neon colors can really make your glitter design garments pop!

Siser Sparkle - This vinyl is a newer product from Siser that features a smooth finish with flakes embedded in the material, and is a very thin material.  Because of its thinness, it can also be layered upon.  This is something to try if you prefer a smooth feel as opposed to the traditional textured feel, or if you like the thinness of the vinyl. 

Siser Twinkle - Twinkle is similar to Sparkle in that it is also a newer product from Siser with smooth finish glitter, but with reflective-like qualities that shines in the light due to the reflective gitter and silicone finish.  This provides an ultra smooth finish, and shinier, reflective look to the material.