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Siser ColorPrint Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

Print and cut heat transfer vinyls are the easiest way to achieve multi-color graphics on all of your garments! Compatible with eco-solvent, solvent, and latex inks, print and cut materials use a large format print/cut machine to print vivid logos, designs, and detail that can’t be achieved with regular heat transfer vinyl.

Looking for regular, non-printable HTV?  Check out our selection of Siser EasyWeed products under Heat Transfer Vinyl.

Which Siser ColorPrint Is Right For You?

Siser ColorPrint Easy is the classic and popular Siser ColorPrint printable heat transfer vinyl made for solvent and eco-solvent printers.  We offer ColorPrint Easy both by the roll and sheets in a variety of widths.  

Siser ColorPrint Extra is specifially made for more difficult materials including nylon, leather and more.

ColorPrint PU is a new lightweight polyurethane material that is very thin.  It is suited for inkjet solvent and eco-solvent printing for cotton, polyester, polycotten blends and Elastan.

Siser Hi-5 Print Matte is a new printable designed for low-temperature and quick application, made to press in just 5 seconds which prevents scorch marks and discoloration when pressing your garments! Siser Hi-5 Print Matte is compatible with Solvent, Eco-Solvent and Latex inks. It will adhere to most fabrics like 100% Polyester, 100% Cotton and Poly/Cotton blends. 

Siser Sublithin (Dye Block) is a heat sealed material with a polyester backing that protects against dye migration into your design when applying to 100% polyester or sublimated polyester.  It is also low temp which can be applied at 265°F.  Average thickness is 110 microns.