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Supacolor and Custom Printed Heat Transfers Differences

Supacolor and Custom Printed Heat Transfers Differences

Dec 23rd 2020

Here at Heat Transfer Warehouse, we offer a wide variety of custom transfers from printed vinyl transfers to rhinestones, to decals. Two of our custom heat transfers are very similar, Supacolor and custom digital transfers, and you might be wondering which transfer is right for you!  Let’s start with how they are similar.

Supacolor Hybrid Screen Print transfers and Custom Printed HTV transfers are cousins. Both Supacolor and HTV transfers will offer you incredible full color transfers that will make your custom projects pop. Both of these transfers can be used on a huge range of products, including nylon. Our Heat Transfer Warehouse artists will send you a proof of your artwork prior to printing your job and are able to answer any questions you may have about the process.

But which of these transfers is right for you? Let’s get into what makes each of these transfers unique.

Supacolor Transfers

Supacolor custom transfers are available in a wide variety of sheet sizes available up to 11.7”x16.8”. The minimum number of transfers to order is 10 per design/size. Supacolor transfers come with a variety of different adhesives to adhere to a wide variety of materials. From your standard cotton/poly blended t-shirts to soft shell jackets and more, we have a transfer to suit most every need! For more information on the different types of transfers that Supacolor offers, check out this blog: Supacolor Hybrid Transfers.

Where Supacolor really shines is right in the name, color. While we don’t currently offer neon or metallic colors, Supacolor is able to match any other color in the rainbow and beyond! If you are required to match an exact color code, known as a pantone, for things like corporate logos or team colors, Supacolor transfers will give you beautifully printed transfers to your exact specifications. These transfers are all printed on static liners which makes storing and stacking them a breeze. Then each set of transfers is packed into a labeled zip-locked bag that includes application instructions and the type of transfer held inside. All Supacolor transfers are then shipped flat rate 2-day air via FedEx.

Maybe you’re wondering what a Supacolor transfer will feel like on your garment. They are soft and pliable! If you’d like to test them out for yourself, add a sample pack to your next order!

Custom Printed HTV Transfers

The other great option for printed transfers is Custom Printed HTV transfers. These are available for dimensions up to 15”x15”. These transfers are perfect for those hard-to-press projects as these are printed on an HTV with a universal low temperature adhesive so these transfers will pretty much go on anything, even your favorite pair of nylon leggings.

These transfers are beautifully printed, carefully cut, weeded, and masked and come ready to press, all you have to do is remove the backing and press. If you’re looking to just dip your toe into the custom world, this is a great way to get started as the minimum order is only 10 transfers. Custom printed HTV transfers also come with a thin white outline around your artwork called a bleed to make sure we aren’t cutting into your transfer at all. This will really help any lettering in your design pop. The white outline might not be what you want for your design. In this case, Supacolor would be the way to go, as they don't have any white bleed around your design. We do not offer one color custom printed transfers since we carry hundreds of different HTV options for you to cut yourself for those types of transfers. For samples, please reach out to customer service. 

In short, these are two similar products but there are a few differences. As always with custom transfers, tiered pricing for bulk buying is available for both. Here’s a quick checklist to help you choose the best custom heat transfer for you and your next project!