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Sublimation Ink Buyer's Guide | Sawgrass, Siser and More

Sublimation Ink Buyer's Guide | Sawgrass, Siser and More

Feb 2nd 2022

Sublimation is a unique process that allows people to decorate all sorts of blanks such as clothing, drinkware, ornaments, photo panels, coasters and more. When working with sublimation, it is important to have all the correct equipment and materials. That includes your  printerpaper, and inks. When it comes to sublimation ink, we offer two popular options for our Sawgrass printers: EasySubli and Sublijet inks. In this blog, we compare the two inks to help you make the right choice for your sublimation needs.

Sawgrass SG500/SG1000 Sublijet Sublimation Inks

  • Exceptional color vibrancy
  • Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi with desktop systems.
  • These UHD inks are 26% larger color gamut than SubliJet-R for the most vibrant colors ever.
  • Recommended to run your Sawgrass printer daily to avoid issues like color shifting, head clogs, or banding that could occur.

Why People Choose Sublijet Sublimation Inks:

These inks can be used with traditional sublimation paper and then applied to polyester coated layers. They are great to create high-definition vibrant images for a low cost. On top of that, people can expect to save more money by using Sublijet Sublimation Inks because they can last up to six months before replacing the ink. These inks are not recommended for use with the EasySubli material, as you may have to adjust saturation levels and color profiles.

Siser EasySubli Ink - SG500/SG1000

  • Is to be used with Siser EasySubli material, which can then be applied to cotton or dark garments
  • Can be applied at a lower temperature (311 F)
  • Max size of the printed sublimation transfer is smaller than with traditional sublimation.

Why People Choose Siser EasySubli Ink:

Siser EasySubli Ink has the ability to print great quality of sublimation onto  Siser EasySubli material, which can then be transferred to cottons and dark colored garments. The ink also sits on top of the layer rather than the ink being transferred or released as a gas into the fabric. When using Siser EasySubli Ink, people have the freedom of doing typical sublimation blanks with less vibrancy. People can expect to print best on Siser's special heat transfer vinyl, Siser EasySubli sheets.


What type of ink is right for you all comes down to what you are planning on sublimating. The Siser EasySubli inks are recommended for use with  Siser EasySubli, so if you plan on sublimating onto cotton or dark polyester, these inks with Siser EasySubli HTV are the right choice. If you are going to sublimate polyester or polyester coated blanks, Sublijet inks will be a good fit. Regardless of which inks you decide to use, we have the right one for you. For more information on sublimation and sublimation printers, check out this blog "What is Sublimation?" and this video from Patrice, our partner at Craftable Things: