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WalaKut Custom HTV Transfers are perfect for various crafting and apparel customization needs. They are known for being easy to use and provide a soft foam feel with a raised puff finish. One of their popular offerings is the WalaKut Puff HTV, which adds a unique marshmallow-like quality to hats, bags, apparel, and more. This type of HTV is particularly renowned for its ability to showcase the fabric's texture, contributing to its distinct aesthetic appeal.

For those who need custom HTV solutions, WalaKut offers custom heat transfers and full-color vinyl transfers printed on printable HTV. These transfers are suitable for various applications, including patterns, logos, tags, and full-front designs on multiple fabrics and garments. The custom transfers come ready to press, simplifying the application process for users. WalaKut provides HTV Transfers in different varieties, including Standard HTV, Puff HTV, Flock, Brick, Reflective, and more.