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Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper

Inkjet heat transfer paper is a printable paper for garment decoration that allows you to transfer designs, images, or text onto various surfaces using an inkjet printer and heat. It is commonly used for creating personalized t-shirts, bags, hats, and other fabric items.  We also carry a variety of printable heat transfer paper for laser printers.

If you have an inkjet printer and a heat press all you need is a great full color design or your favorite photo of your best dog Fido and you’re ready to decorate everything from t-shirts to activewear and bags with inkjet heat transfer paper.

Transfer Paper vs Custom Transfers

Heat Tansfer paper is great for getting started in garment decoration, craft type projects and one-off shirts, but if you are looking to create higher quality designs you may be interested in our custom transfers.  Our custom Transfers produce higher quality transfers then what is capable from transfer paper on home inkjet and laser printers, and are printed for you and delivered ready-to-press.  These include DTF transfers, Supacolor Transfers, full color printed HTV transfers and more.

Recommended Transfer Papers

Two of the main brands of printable heat transfer paper we carry are from Neenah and our own brand WALAPaper.

Neenah SoftStretch is perfect for all of those light colored garments like white, light grey, baby pink and even yellow!

Neenah Jet-Opaque II and 3G Jet Opaque are great for those vibrant colored garments like red and royal blue as well as black. The biggest difference for these is that 3G will be a bit thinner than Opaque II.

Neenah InkJet-Pro Active is great for activewear and synthetic fibers that are light in color.

If you are looking for an inexpensive inkjet printable, check out our exclusive WALAPaper line available for both light and dark garment opacities and in standard sizes of 8.5”x11” and 11”x17”.  WALAPaper offers great stretchability and wash resistance while also giving you a brilliant pop of true color for your printed design.


How to use InkJet Transfer Paper

  1. Design your artwork: Create or select the design you want to transfer onto the fabric. You can use graphic design software or choose from pre-designed templates.
  2. Prepare your printer: Load the inkjet printer with the heat transfer paper according to the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure to insert the paper correctly to ensure proper printing.
  3. Print your design: Once the paper is loaded, print your design onto the heat transfer paper using your inkjet printer. Ensure that you're using the appropriate print settings recommended by the heat transfer paper manufacturer for optimal results.
  4. Cut and trim: After printing, carefully cut out your design, leaving a small border if necessary. This step is particularly important if you have multiple designs on a single sheet.
  5. Preheat your heat press or iron: If you have access to a heat press, set it to the recommended temperature specified by the heat transfer paper manufacturer. If you're using an iron, preheat it to the appropriate temperature suitable for the fabric you're using.
  6. Position the transfer: Place the fabric item you want to transfer the design onto onto a flat, heat-resistant surface. Position your printed design on the fabric, ensuring it is placed in the desired location.
  7. Apply heat and pressure: If using a heat press, close the press and apply the recommended amount of pressure for the specified duration. If using an iron, place a thin cloth over the design and firmly press down with the heated iron for the recommended time while applying even pressure.
  8. Remove the paper: After the specified time, remove the heat and pressure source and allow the transfer to cool down for a few seconds. Slowly peel off the backing paper, being careful not to disturb the transferred design.
  9. Finalize the process: After removing the backing paper, check the transferred design for any imperfections or incomplete transfers. If necessary, repeat the heat transfer process using additional heat and pressure.

It's worth noting that the specific instructions and recommendations may vary depending on the brand and type of inkjet heat transfer paper you are using. Always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines or application instructions on our product pages for the best results.


What is InkJet Heat Transfer Paper?

Inkjet heat transfer paper is a specially coated paper that allows you to transfer designs or images printed from an inkjet printer onto various surfaces using heat. The paper has a unique coating that reacts to heat and enables the transfer of the printed image onto fabric or other compatible materials.

The coating on the inkjet heat transfer paper is typically composed of a combination of polymers, binders, and other additives that facilitate the transfer process. When heat is applied to the paper, the coating melts or activates, allowing the ink from the printed design to adhere to the surface of the material.

Inkjet heat transfer paper is available in different types and variations to suit various fabric and material types, including cotton, polyester, blends, and more. Some transfer papers are specifically designed for light-colored fabrics, while others are intended for dark-colored fabrics.

The quality and performance of inkjet heat transfer paper can vary depending on the brand and specific product. It is important to choose a high-quality paper that is compatible with your inkjet printer and suitable for the material you intend to transfer the design onto. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines provided with the heat transfer paper for the best results.

It's worth mentioning that inkjet heat transfer paper is primarily used for personal or small-scale projects. For larger or commercial applications, other methods such as custom transfers, DTF Transfers or sublimation printing may be more suitable.