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Inkjet Transfer Paper

Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper

If you have an inkjet printer and a heat press all you need is a great full color design or your favorite photo of your best dog Fido and you’re ready to decorate everything from t-shirts to activewear and bags with inkjet heat transfer paper.

Printable heat transfer paper from Neenah and our own brand WALAPaper open up a whole world of possibilities. Neenah SoftStretch is perfect for all of those light colored garments like white, light grey, baby pink and even yellow! Neenah Jet-Opaque II and 3G Jet Opaque are great for those vibrant colored garments like red and royal blue as well as black. The biggest difference for these is that 3G will be a bit thinner than Opaque II. Neenah InkJet- Pro Active is great for activewear and synthetic fibers that are light in color.

Looking for a more inexpensive inkjet printable, check out our exclusive line of inkjet heat transfer papers called WALAPaper these come in both light and dark garment opacities and both standard sizes of 8.5”x11” and 11”x17”. WALAPaper offers great stretchability and wash resistance while also giving you a brilliant pop of true color for your printed design.