Applying  HTV on Clear Plastic Backpacks and Tote Bags

Applying HTV on Clear Plastic Backpacks and Tote Bags

Posted by Heat Transfer Warehouse on Apr 12th 2020

What are clear plastic bags and totes?

Clear Plastic Backpack and Tote Bag from Heat Transfer Warehouse

Clear plastic backpacks and tote bags are becoming more and more commonplace. You might not have guessed it, but you can use HTV to decorate and personalize these accessories either for yourself or your customers.

What products can I use?

You will need to use an HTV with a low application time and temperature. If pressed for too long or at too high of a temperature, the plastic will get closer to melting and deforming. For standard HTVs, we recommend either WALAKut Express or Thermoflex Turbo Low Temp. For printable vinyl we recommend either Polyprintables 4036 Turbo Print or Siser Hi-5. We recommend these heat transfer vinyls because they all have fast acting adhesives that need a minimal amount of heat. 

How do I press them?

Set your heat press to 250 F and set your timer for 5 seconds. A platen that is  6”x10” or smaller is recommended for both the backpack and tote.

Teflon accessories or pressing pad

Pressing these two accessories should be similar to pressing normal backpacks and tote bags with one difference. You will want to keep something like a Teflon sheet in between the layers of plastic or in the case of the tote, only have one layer on the press at a time.

Small platens will work best for this application

To press the tote, place the tote over a 6”x10” platen. Keep a Teflon pillow or other cushion between the bag and your lower platen. Make sure to use either a Teflon sheet or Teflon platen cover on your top platen. Place your transfer and press with firm pressure for 5 seconds at 250 degrees.

For the backpack, a  Teflon pillow or other cushion will be necessary to get appropriate pressure due to the zippers. Again, place it over the 6"x10" platen. Use a Teflon sheet or Teflon platen cover on your top platen and press your transfer with firm pressure for 5 seconds at 250 degrees.

ThermoFlex Turbo Low Temp or WALAKut Express will work great for this application!