Promoting Your Small Business: Custom Promo Package

Promoting Your Small Business: Custom Promo Package

Sep 13th 2021

If you just opened a business, you want to promote, promote, promote, as much as possible. There is no better way of getting people excited about your business than giving them free goodies! If you are looking for an inexpensive way to create your own promo package, look no further.

In this blog we will talk about different Heat Transfer Warehouse products you can include in a promotional package, different ways to decorate the items, and ideas to promote your small business opening!

Products included in this blog:

Water Bottle


This blank was decorated using dye sublimation.

Leather Keychain

This blank was decorated using dye sublimation.

Stainless Steel Tumbler

This blank was decorated using dye sublimation and PSV for the cloud.



This blank was decorated using dye sublimation.


This blank was decorated using dye sublimation.


This blank was decorated using HTV.

These items would all be great ideas to include in a promotional package for your business. They offer a variety of different uses, but all provide great opportunities for getting your brand out there.

Some other things you should include in your promotional package are:

  • Contact info
  • A short bio about you and your business
  • Testimonials / reviews

Ideas to Promote your small business:

  • Get on social media
    • Social media is a free way to get your brand attention. The most popular business platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. YouTube is another good platform to spread the word about your new business.
  • Create a website
    • Creating a website is essential for any business nowadays. With a website you can have store info, customer reviews, purchasing options, and so much more!
  • Collaborate / support other small businesses
    • Networking is very important especially in the garment decorating world. It is always a good idea to cross-promote and support other brands. Making connections within your industry will be a great way to meet new people, learn from them, and tell them about your business.
  • Attend trade shows
    • Trade shows are the perfect place to learn more about the industry as well as make connections with other small business owners. Attending some and bringing merchandise would be beneficial to promoting your business.

For more information about creating your own custom promotional package, check out this video with our partner Allan, from A-dubb Productions:

If you have questions about the dye sublimation process,  take a look at this blog.