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HIX Heat Presses

HIX Heat Press Machines

HIX Heat Presses are engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A., their products are guaranteed to be high-performance and energy efficient. They make a wide range of different sizes and styles of heat press machines from Clamshell Presses, Swing-Away Presses, and Specialty Presses like hat presses. HIX is without a doubt your most reliable heat transfer machine choice. 

HIX recommends start-up machines like the HT-400 and HT-600, which offers easy operation and quality impressions from edge to edge. For the growing shop that is ready to move up and support higher demand, we offer the HIX S-450 and S-650. These units offer automatic release that will dramatically support your operators’ needs. For advanced shops that are in high-traffic zones, we recommend our HIX N-680 and N-880 Automatic Presses. With the assistance of compressed air, your press will be easier to operate – saving time and minimizing operator fatigue.

HIX SwingMan Heat Transfer Presses are designed for maximum efficiency with minimal effort applied. Only HIX offers a heat platen that provides an even distribution of heat from edge to edge. The HIX SwingMan 15 & 20E units are the most reliable machines in a start-up or low budget category. The SwingMan 20 & 25 offer new touch screen technology and a larger platen surface. The SwingMan 20 Twin & 25 Twin are available for those shops that are focused on high-output production.

HIX Corporation is a global leader in innovation, technology, and design of today’s top performing graphics production equipment.

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