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What is the standard size for a tradeshow booth ?
There is no standard size for a tradeshow booth, as booth sizes can vary depending on the tradeshow and the specific booth space that has been reserved. However, some common sizes for tradeshow booths include 10x10 feet, 10x20 feet, 20x20 feet, and larger. The size of the booth will depend on various factors such as the number of products or services being showcased, the amount of space required for demonstrations or interactive displays, and the number of staff members who will be working in the booth. It's best to check with the specific tradeshow or event organizer for information on available booth sizes and options.

What is the width options for tradeshow displays ?
Heat Transfer Warehouse offers various widths from 3 feet to 10 feet wide displays.

How many lenghts are there of table throws ?
We off 6 and 8 foot table throws to fit standard table sizes.

What options are there to decorate table throws ?
We would reccommend Dye Sublimation, but we can do all the work for you if you order a finished trade show display just send us the graphics you would like to use, and our skilled art room will ensure you have a jaw dropping display for your trade show.

What are the heights of tradeshow displays ?
Tradeshow backdrops are typically around 90" tall, check the product description for the exact height.

How are tradeshow displays decorated ?
We use dye sublimation on our finished displays, but they can also be decorated using screen printing and other methods.

Are tradeshow displays portable ?
All of our displays can be dissassemble for easy transport to the tradeshow>