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Christmas Sublimation Designs and Blanks

Christmas Sublimation Designs and Blanks

Dec 9th 2021

Christmas Sublimation Blanks and Designs

Christmas ornaments and decorations are a great way to start your holiday season and with all of our Christmas blank options, there is something for you. Decorating these blanks can be a fun family activity to do together or a great personalized gift idea. Another way you can use these ornaments or stockings is by decorating them with your favorite memory of the year that you had had with your loved ones and having it displayed on the Christmas tree! These Christmas blanks are the perfect way to help you step up your holiday season.

Christmas Project Types and Blanks

Sublimation Ornaments:

These can be a great Christmas gift to send so family and friends can place their ornaments on their Christmas tree with a great view of their loved ones. We have many different options for ornament blanks like  dog bonessnowflakesstars, snowmen, and many more!

For these ornaments, your heat press should be set up at 355 F. You will press your sublimation transfer to the ornament for 45 seconds with a medium to firm pressure.

Buffalo Plaid Sublimation Stockings:

You can use these custom Christmas stockings to display pictures of family, cute Christmas sayings, or fun holiday designs that’ll fit right in with your Christmas display. As you can see from the examples, these stockings work great with both HTV and sublimation.

For these stockings, sublimate at 355 F for 60 seconds. If you are using HTV, use the application instruction for your specific vinyl.

Glitter Stockings and Hats:

Get into the Christmas spirit with our  Glitter Christmas Hat and Stocking blanks. Is it really a Christmas holiday without the stockings? Why not make it a matching set with our new glitter stockings and hats! These can be decorated with both sublimation and HTV, but remember not to press the pom-pom on the hat, or it could melt off!

For sublimation with these blanks, press at 355 F for 60 seconds, and for HTV use the recommended instructions that go with the vinyl.

Free Christmas Design SVGs

However you prefer to decorate and celebrate the holidays, we have something for you! Along with these blanks, we also have a variety of patterned HTV for the holidays. Click here for the .svg files for some of these designs. See how our partner Patrice from Craftable Things decorates her stockings and hat!