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Looking for adhesive craft vinyl for your next project?  We have it!

Often times also referred to as sticker vinyl, craft vinyl or Permanent Vinyl, adhesive vinyl comes is available in sheets or rolls. 

We offer a large variety vinyl sheets and rolls different styles, patterns, and finishes for your decals. From Permanent Vinyl to wall vinyl, permanent to temporary, we will make sure you have what you need to complete your project.

Popular Adhesive Vinyl Products

Siser EasyPSV is a great product line to get those decals completed. It offers permanent and removable PSV along with glitter! We offer a wide range of adhesive patterned vinyl that is made by our artist in 11" width. We also make sure to have the masks you will need to complete your projects like paper or clear application tape.  Oracal Vinyl is another popular adhesive vinyl line that makes their 631 product for short term application, or their durable 651 "permanent" vinyl.

Decorative Craft Vinyl Options

We also carry a variety of glitter craft vinyl, as well as have 1000+ available stock pattern vinyl designs to really add some personality to your next project.  


Sticker vinyl, decals, and PSV (Pressure-Sensitive Vinyl) are all terms related to adhesive materials used for various applications, including decoration, signage, and branding. All terms generally refer to different types of adhesive materials. These materials are often available in a wide range of colors, finishes, and sizes to suit different applications.

Heat Transfer Warehouse offers a crafter version of making stickers with your home printer: Sticker Sheets.
Sticker vinyl is a broad term used to describe vinyl material with an adhesive backing, allowing it to stick to various surfaces. It is commonly used for creating stickers and labels that can be easily applied to products, packaging, and other surfaces. Sticker vinyl comes in various colors, finishes (glossy, matte), and thicknesses. It is often used for promotional purposes, branding, and as a fun way to personalize items.

Decals Heat Transfer Warehouse offers Siser PSV, WALAKut adhesive, and Oracal. 
Decals are a specific type of sticker vinyl. They are designs, logos, or graphics printed on vinyl material with an adhesive backing. Decals are commonly used for decorative purposes, such as on vehicles, windows, laptops, walls, and other surfaces. They are often used for personal expression, advertising, and branding. 

PSV (Pressure-Sensitive Vinyl)  Heat Transfer Warehouse offers Siser PSV, WALAKut adhesive, and Oracal. 
PSV, short for Pressure-Sensitive Vinyl, is another term for self-adhesive vinyl. It refers to vinyl materials with an adhesive backing that adheres to surfaces when pressure is applied. PSV is a versatile material used for various applications, including signage, vehicle wraps, wall graphics, and window displays. It is called "pressure-sensitive" because it requires pressure to adhere to the surface instead of heat-activated materials like heat transfer vinyl (HTV).