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WALAPress Skinny Tumbler Mug Press

WALAPress Skinny Tumbler Mug Press

Aug 19th 2021

If you are looking for the perfect way to press those popular 20 oz skinny tumblers- look no further! We now offer a WALAPress specifically designed to press those skinny tumblers everyone knows and loves. Let’s talk about some of the features, uses, and instructions for our new WALAPress Skinny Tumbler Mug Press.

WALAPress Manual Skinny Tumbler 20 oz Mug Heat Press


  • Perfect fit for 20 oz skinny tumblers, and more!
  • Button for easy timer reset
  • 2 knobs to adjust pressure
  • Easy-to-use handle to clamp around drinkware


  • Any drinkware with a 2.75” - 3.15” diameter


  • Turn the heat press on using the switch on the right hand side of your mug press.
  • While you are waiting for the press to warm up, use the mode button to adjust the time and temperature. For most dye sublimation on drinkware, you will set the mug press to 400 F for 60 seconds, but double check the instructions for your specific blank.

  • Test the pressure of the press right away by placing the tumbler into the opening and closing the press. If pressure needs to be adjusted, use the two knobs to get that perfect pressure.

  • Take all attachments, like a straw or lid, off your drinkware, then get it ready for sublimation. Tape the dye sublimation paper to your blank using thermo-tape. Try not to use too much tape, as it could leave small marks. If you are doing a full wrap, it is best practice to tape the paper and miss the tumbler entirely.
  • Once your drinkware is ready for pressing, place it in the cylindrical opening and close your press.

  • To start the time, once your press is closed press the green button at the front of the machine.

  • If you are doing a full wrap, you should rotate the tumbler halfway through the time to make sure there is no gap where the press closes. Make sure you wear gloves because the metal will be hot!
  • After the time is up, using your gloves, take the tumbler from the press. Once it has cooled off, you can remove the dye sublimation paper and thermo-tape. Sometimes it helps to lightly score the paper with a blade.

If you are as big of a fan of skinny tumblers as us (and what seems like the rest of the world) then this press is a must-have in your shop. It is perfect for anybody looking to expand their line of merchandise, or even for the crafters who like to make personalized drinkware for their friends. Don’t miss out on this awesome new addition to the WALAPress family.