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About DTF Transfers & Printing

DTF or Direct to Film transfers are very economical, durable, easy to maintain, and easy to use solution for custom transfers.

Direct to Film transfers are taking over the custom transfer industry because they have less restrictions on materials they can adhere to, they look great on light and dark garments, and DTF equipment have less frequent and easier maintenance than some alternatives. Direct to Film also offers great possibilities for small orders and short turnarounds at your shop.

We also offer ready to press custom DTF Transfers if you are looking for DTF Transfers printed for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are DTF transfers?
DTF or Direct to Film transfers are transfers printed onto a PET film, then have a hotmelt adhesive powder applied to the transfer, and finally are applied with a heatpress.

What is DTF printing?
Direct to Film printing is the process of printing your transfer onto PET Film, so you can make a cost effective durable transfer.

How do I create DTF transfers?
The first thing you need to make direct to film transfers is a good DTF Printer.  Check out our selection above on on our DTF Printers page to see what best fits your needs. You will also need high quality PET DTF film, DTF inks and Hotmelt Adhesive DTF Powder, all of which generally are included in your DTF printer bundle purchase.  Once you have you artworking printed you just need to apply the hot melt adhesive, and apply the tranfser heat, either with a DTF-specific curing oven, or a heat press!

What is DTF powder ?
DTF Powder, also known as a hot melt adhesive is an adhesive powder that is applied to a printed DTF transfer that creates an adhesive layer between the printed transfer ink and your garment when applied with heat.  It is usually shaken onto transfers after printing.

It is technically known as a Thermoplastic Polyurethane Powder (TPU).

How do you use DTF powder?
You must apply the DTF powder to a print while it is still wet. You want to evenly cover the entire printed area for best adhesion to the garment. Once the design is thoroughly covered and the excess powder is removed you must cure the powder at 315 degrees F to make the finish transfer ready to press onto your garment.

Is DTF powder toxic?
TPU is a completely inert material and does not off-gas toxic compounds, however during the heating process there is potential to release Methylene diphenyl diisocyanate which has an NDPA Health Rating of moderately hazardous so ventilation or N100, R100, or P100 respirator is recommended.

What is Black DTF powder used for?
Black DTF powder is made to stop dye migration and block colors of the garment from showing though the transfer.

What is a DTF Printer?
A DTF or Direct to Film printer is a printer specifically designed to use DTF inks and print DTF transfers.

What kind of printer do I need for DTF transfers?
You need a DTF printer specifcally designed for the DTF process.  We recommend talking to a equipment consult to find the best DTF Printer for your needs.