Heat Press Accessories

Heat Press Accessories

Posted by Heat Transfer Warehouse on Oct 23rd 2019

In this blog, we will discuss the 3 different kinds of heat press accessories that we have to offer.

What are Heat Press Accessories?

Heat press accessory items simply help protect your heat press and make pressing easier!

HTW Heat Press Accessories

Heat Press Platen Covers

  • Elastic non-stick covers for bottom platen of heat press
  • Will fit some upper platens depending on heat press model
  • Makes slipping garment over rubber platen much easier
  • Protects platen by helping garments slide on and off with ease and by making it harder to wear down platen edges
  • Will increase the life of your platen
  • Will help ensure even pressure from the center of the platen out to all edges
  • 3 sizes to fit most heat presses
    • 9"x12"
    • 15"x15"
    • 16"x20"

Heat Press Pillows

  • Non-stick pillows that are great for pressing items that have uneven pressure when applied (such as zippers, buttons and seams)
  • Durable 3/4" foam
  • Will ensure even pressure when pressing
  • These pillows allow items such as zippers, buttons or seams to sink down into the pillow padding so there are no uneven pressure points when applying
  • Also great for double-sided or reversible jerseys
  • 9 available sizes ranging from 4"x4" to 16"x20"

Heat Press Release Sheets

  • Non-stick material for pressing heat transfer materials
  • Great when layering materials
    • Gives protection to previously applied layer from re-pressing (pressing a second time) when applying a new layer
    • Prevents damage to a material when pressing it more than once
  • Available in 15"x20" and 12"x12" sizes
  • Teflon rolls are made up of the same material

Check out our website to view all of our non-stick heat press items!