Supacolor Hybrid Transfers

Supacolor Hybrid Transfers

May 4th 2020

Last updated 5/31/23

Here at Heat Transfer Warehouse, we pride ourselves on offering our customers access to top of the line products, equipment, and custom transfers on the market today. A stand-out among these stellar products is Supacolor, an innovative hybrid transfer that we are excited to fill you in on!

Do you want to give your clothing and accessories a colorful edge? Look no further than Supacolor transfers! This cutting-edge technology provides an easy and effective way to add vibrant designs to your favorite items. With Supacolor, you can have unique and eye-catching graphics that are distinctive and memorable. With this versatile product, you'll be able to create outstanding designs that will last wash after wash. From custom t-shirts to bags, hoodies, uniforms, hats — even shoes — let's take a closer look at how Supacolor transfers can help boost your style.

What is Supacolor?

Supacolor is a hybrid transfer that is one part old school, one part new school, and all parts thin and luxurious! If you can’t decide between our  Custom Heat Transfers or screen print/plastisol transfers, Supacolor is the way to go!  Supacolor heat transfers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors (available in a range of sizes up to 11.7”x16.5”). Supacolor prides itself in being able to offer millions of colors (including neon colors) and color matching with Pantones. Choose from several different adhesives that are perfectly suited to your needs, from Wearables (for all of your shirts and sweatshirts) or Soft Shell Blocker (formulated specifically for soft shell jackets) to Headwear (which will bridge the gap on the seam of a 6-panel cap)!

Supacolor vs. Plastisol/Screen Print Transfers

Plastisol/Screen Print Heat Transfers Supacolor 
Plastic Ink Water-based Ink
Static Stretchable
Fades/Cracks Does not fade or crack
Sensitive to over-pressing, will lose opacity Fantastic opacity for bright whites and brilliant colors
Limited colors (only up to 6 typically) Unlimited colors and gradients

Why Supacolor?

  • No setup fee
  • Gorgeous brilliant colors
  • No weeding
  • Wide variety of applications
  • Eco-friendly (No PVC)
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Opacity

Supacolor heat transfers are a great addition to any business for those transfers that just won't look quite right with vinyl or are too colorful to be done as a screen print/plastisol transfer. With no hidden fees and a low quantity order minimum of 10 transfers, Supacolor is accessible to everyone! Incorporating Supacolor heat transfers into your business is a win/win for you and your customer. You get hassle-free ordering with immediate pricing and no hidden fees and your customer gets beautiful, long-lasting heat transfers to customize almost anything they can think of! 

Types of Supacolor Transfers


  • Perfect for nearly any fabric (if there is a waterproof coating we recommend a bit of testing first)
  • Suitable for cotton, poly/cotton blends, and polyester fabrics
  • Not ideal for garments that may have issues with dye migration
  • Tested to 50+ washes
  • Great stretch and rebound
  • No cracking
  • Most versatile transfer (when in doubt, start here)


  • Can bridge the seam of a 6-panel cap making for an easy (dare we say...seamless?) transfer
  • Only needs to be pressed once
  • Adheres to a wide range of fabrics (if waterproof coating is present, testing is recommended)
  • Not ideal for garments that may have issues with dye migration

Sub Block

  • Black backing stops dye migration from both dye of the garment and dye sublimation
  • Tested to 50+ washes
  • Great stretch and rebound
  • No cracking
  • Perfect for nearly any fabric as long as there is not a waterproof coating
  • Use Supacolor test strips to determine if a blocker is required

Soft Shell Blocker

  • Uniquely designed blocker specifically for soft shell materials to prevent dye migration
  • Less stretch than regular Sub Block Supacolor due to the nature of a soft shell
  • Tested to 50+ wash cycles
  • Use test transfers to check for migration


  • Great for products that will not be washed
  • Ideal for items such as tote bags, umbrellas, and other promotional items
  • No stretch

The Supacolor Advantage

Supacolor is a unique heat press transfer with vibrant colors, a very soft hand, and amazing stretch. When thinking of a one-color design that you would hate to weed, your mind may immediately go to plastisol transfers as an alternative, which may seem like the best choice. However, choosing a Supacolor transfer instead will save you a lot of heartache if you’re trying to color match or just looking for a basic white transfer. Supacolor will outlast a plastisol transfer, and it will feel and look much better while doing it! These transfers stand out because the process is simple and the variety is endless, making them ideal for complex colored designs and those that require Pantone matching! Supacolor transfers are easy to order, easy to press, and easy to sell to your customers! With no hidden charges, lightning fast turn around, and stunning colors, Supacolor is the future of custom heat press transfers.

For more information on how to order, check out our web page!