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Heat Press HotFix Rhinestones Bulk

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  • Bulk bags of rhinestones sold in 4 different sizes
  • Prices vary per color
  • All colors and sizes are ground only (except for Crystal SS06, Crystal SS10, and Crystal SS16)
  • Select bulk bags are drop shipped or shipped only from our Las Vegas location. 
  • CSPIA regulation requires 90 ppm maximum for children clothing
  • The minimum allowed under current CPSIA is 90 ppm
  • Premium Korean Low Lead Rhinestones contain an average of 30 ppm +/- 10 ppm of lead

The following sizes and gross are available (prices vary per color):

Size/QuantitySmaller Quantity Links
SS-6: 1000 gross SS-6 Smaller Qty.
SS-10: 500 gross SS-10 Smaller Qty.
SS-16: 200 gross SS-16 Smaller Qty.
SS-20: 100 gross SS-20 Smaller Qty.
  SS-6 SS-10   SS-16   SS-20  


$195 $120 $110 $119

Standard Colors

$345   $147 $163 $175

Pink, Lt Rose

$799 $337 $377 $317











  • This product has options that are VEGAS ONLY and, if selected, will make your entire order ship from our Las Vegas, NV location.
  • This product has options that are GROUND ONLY and, if selected, will make your entire order ship 2-5 day ground.
  • 300 - 320°F
  • Pre-press then press for 10-15 seconds to apply
  • Peel cold
  • Medium, even pressure
  • Cotton, poly, and blends *No nylon
  • Wash garment inside out with cold water, hang dry

Additional Instructions

This product is CPSIA Certified for use on children’s clothing

  • LAS VEGAS PRODUCT; will make your entire order ship from our Las Vegas location.
  • location specific colors: R20-517-BULK,R20-516-BULK,R20-512-BULK,R20-544-BULK,R20-502-BULK,R20-508-BULK,R20-530-BULK,R20-507-BULK,R20-506-BULK,R20-519-BULK,R20-542-BULK,R20-513-BULK,R20-514-BULK,R20-535-BULK,R20-527-BULK,R20-511-BULK,R20-505-BULK,R20-504-BULK,R20-503-BULK,R20.

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  • Another great purchase

    Cynthia Zamora


    I have been buying these only from Heat Transfer Warehouse. Great quality rhinestones decent prices and fast shipping!