WALASub Sublimation Pattern Designs

WALASub Sublimation Pattern Designs

Sep 30th 2021

If you are interested in dye sublimation, but don’t have a sublimation printer, our new WALASub sublimation patterns are the perfect way for you to dip your toes in the world of dye sublimation! The WALASub patterns are 11" x 12” sheets that are pre-printed dye sublimation transfers. We have a good amount of our more popular patterns available in these sheets. We recommend using these with polyester coated blanks and 100% polyester garments, BUT this process will work with 50/50 blend garments as well! The colors will not appear as vibrant, which is perfect for a retro look. Let’s go over some basic instructions on using these new patterns, and take a look at how we can use these pre-printed dye sublimation patterns in combination with HTV!


Step 1:

Trim your dye sublimation pattern to the necessary size that will fit with your blank. Then use heat transfer tape to hold your sheet in place. If you are using a sublimation oven instead of a heat press, make sure you use a shrink sleeve on top of the dye sublimation pattern!

Step 2:

Double check your time and temperature are on the correct settings, then press according to application instructions.

Step 3:

Let the transfer cool, then peel it from your blank and look at your GORGEOUS new patterned blank!!

We took these dye sublimation patterns a step further by adding HTV (and PSV) after pressing the sublimation! Check out the before and after images of these blanks. If you want to add vinyl to your project, simply follow the instructions for the vinyl and you can replicate these!

Pot Holder:


For this blank, we used our Buffalo Plaid dye sublimation pattern, then added Siser Easyweed Matte White.



We decorated this with Fall Plaid dye sublimation pattern and did not add vinyl to this blank.



For this blank we used Argyle Christmas dye sub pattern, then added Siser Easyweed Matte Black.

Stainless Steel Can Cooler:


We decorated this blank with Web Black dye sub pattern and Black, Bright Green, and Hyacinth Glitter PSV.

If you want to start with dye sublimation, but can't commit to a sublimation printer at this time, order some of our WALASub sublimation patterns today and start decorating! For more help with dye sublimation designs and how to press them, check out this video: