How to Choose the Right Heat Transfer Material for You

How to Choose the Right Heat Transfer Material for You

Posted by Heat Transfer Warehouse on Oct 23rd 2019

You have a design in mind. You might want to use it to support an event, to raise awareness for a cause or even just to spice up some of your more bland fashion garments. You know what you want it to look like and what you want to put it on. So, what’s stopping you from bringing your design to life?

We know that the number of heat transfer options out there can be overwhelming — and that’s what we’re here for. From deciding what product is right for your material type to providing you with the necessary tools to bring your design to life, we’ll help you navigate the ever-expanding inventory of heat transfer materials available.

So, welcome to our heat transfer mini-guide. Our experts have weighed in on how to choose the right heat transfer product for you. Let the creating begin.

Staying Sporty

If you’re looking to transfer onto mesh jerseys for football, basketball or any other sport, ThermoFlex Economy Sports will work wonders. The durable, thick film works to bridge the gaps in open-mesh athletic jerseys and comes in a variety of colors. Perfect for both jerseys and athletic uniforms, Economy Sports has no sticky carrier. On the other hand, if you’re looking to enhance or personalize your performance wear, try a thin, stretchy vinyl like Siser EasyWeed Stretch.

Working for a Cause

We all have causes that are important to us, from cancer awareness to suicide prevention to wildlife preservation. If you’re looking for a product to press onto an everyday cotton shirt, try ThermoFlex Plus, a soft, matte vinyl that can be layered to create beautiful images. Siser EasyWeed is another classic choice, as it can layer, be peeled hot or cold and presses at lower temperatures. For a more textured look and feel, we’d recommend FashionFlex, a vinyl with a self-adhesive polyester liner and an array of pre-printed patterns available. (Plus, we have some stock designs that you can use!)

Raising the Roof (or, you know, the umbrella)

If the awning on your business is dull and lifeless and you want to add a bit of pizzazz to it, we’d recommend trying ThermoBanner 2 – Sunmark or Sunmark Print 1710. Both products are great for use outside and work on heat-sensitive materials, like your umbrellas, awnings, tents and tire covers. Sunmark Print 1710 also prints with eco solvent printers and solvent inks.

Crafty Children’s Clothing

It can be difficult to find high quality, cute clothing for your child — that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, that is. Try a fun product like our HTV-Textured Glitter to add a sparlky spin to a bland t-shirt while remaining confident that your child won’t just tear off the design. This heat transfer glitter vinyl is perfect for shirts, dresses and other garments that your child wears on a daily basis. Plus, all of those adorable/funny onesies you see on Pinterest? They were definitely created by heat transfer. When creating children’s clothing, just keep in mind that your designs should be light-weight and should avoid the use of choking hazards like rhinestones.

Spicing Up Surfaces

You’ve noticed that your office space is looking sparse, haven’t you? We thought so. Create a custom name plate for your desk using Sublimation Blanks, a personalized coffee mug using Oracal Sign Vinyl or a glittered sign using Pressure Sensitive Glitter. The number of options for the hard surfaces in your life are as plentiful as the number of options for vinyl printing on clothing and accessories — so, don’t just limit yourself to t-shirts and beach bags!