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About Custom DTF Transfers

What Are DTF Transfers?

Direct to Film (DTF) transfers are a popular method of adding full-color designs onto garments, bags, and other textile items. DTF transfers use a specialized DTF printer that prints the design onto a transfer sheet.  This sheet is then ready to press onto onto a garment using heat and pressure, typically with heat press machine.
To create custom DTF transfers, you will need the following components:
  1. Design: First, you will need to create your design using a compatible graphics software program. Make sure your design is in the appropriate format for printing and transfer.
  2. Heat press: You will need a heat press to apply your DTF transfer to your garment. Make sure your heat press is compatible with DTF transfers and has the appropriate temperature and pressure settings.
  3. All DTF Transfers come ready to press all you need to do is follow the application instructions and press to your garment.

How to Apply your Ready to Press DTF Transfer

Once you have recieved your Ready to Press Direct to Film (DTF) Transfers, follow these steps:
  1. Cut out your design, leaving a small border around the edges.
  2. Preheat your heat press to the appropriate temperature for your garment.
  3. Pre-press your garment on the heat press and preheat it for a few seconds to remove any wrinkles or moisture.
  4. Place your DTF transfer face down onto your garment, making sure it is centered and straight.
  5. Apply heat and pressure to the transfer for the appropriate amount of time, following the manufacturer's instructions for your heat press and transfer sheet.
  6. Remove the transfer sheet from your garment, and your custom DTF transfer is complete.
It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for your DTF printer, transfer sheet, and heat press for best results. Additionally, be sure to use high-quality materials and perform a test transfer on a small area before applying a larger design to ensure proper temperature, pressure, and transfer quality.


How to Order Custom DTF Transfers

Here's how to order your WalaKustom Direct to Film (DTF) Transfers from Heat Transfer Warehouse:
  1. Provide your design: Provide your design in the appropriate format . Make sure to provide detailed information about the design, including the size, placement, and any special instructions.
  2. Choose your transfer sheet: Choose the appropriate DTF transfer sheet for your design and garment type.  Heat Transfer Warehouse can provide guidance on the best transfer sheet for your specific needs if you have questions.  We also support DTF Gang Sheet orders, just upload your ganged design and choose the appropriate size.
  3. Specify your order details: Provide details about the quantity of transfers needed,
  4. Confirm the order and payment: Then we will get to work and get your DTF transfers on the way.
  5. Once your DTF Transfers arrive: follow the the time and temp guide to apply your transfers.