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SUBLI-Flock 5901

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Sku: 590120-5

SUBLI-Flock 5901 HTV

SUBLI-Flock 5901 heat transfer vinyl allows you to use those bright dye sublimation colors and designs to be pressed onto this material and then transferred onto garments. SUBLI-Flock is short for Sublimation Flock which means it's white flock that is able to be dye sublimated onto. If you are wanting those bright, bold, unique designs on your garment but don't want to cut all that vinyl, SUBLI-Flock 5901 is what you will want to get! SUBLI-Flock 5901 can fit into wide-format sublimation printers allowing you to print wider patterns or designs.

  • 20" Width
  • 640 microns thick
  • Same product as 5902 but can fit into wide-format sublimation printers
  • Blank flock used with sublimation
  • Adds texture with unique colors and patterns
  • Great colors due to high fiber density
  • Prints with dye sublimation inks
  • Due to the manufacturing process, material may vary in width by 1/8-1/4"
  • Accessories




3 foot roll = $13.00
5 yd roll = $60.00
10 yd roll = $110.00
27 yd roll = $275.00

  • 320° F
  • 15 seconds
  • Peel Medium / firm pressure Print / Cut in reverse
  • Polyester, cotton, poly/cotton blends, acrylic blends
  • Wait 24 hours before first wash. Machine wash warm with mild detergent. DO NOT dry clean. NO bleach or fabric softener.

Additional Instructions

Application Process

to apply image to SubliFlock:

Print mirror-inverted on transfer paper with dye-sublimation inks

Cover with silicon paper/teflon sheet to protect the platen Place transfer paper image side down onto the Subli-Flock and transfer the image using a heat press at 375 degrees for 40-50 seconds with light pressure

The image may now be cut using a plotter (cut right reading)

Weed away excess vinyl

Application process to apply printed flock on textile by heat press:

Apply transfer by hand onto textile (no mask needed)

Place image side up (hotmelt side down) on the textile and cover with silicon paper/teflon sheet to protect the platen

Press at 320 degrees for 15 seconds at medium pressure

  • Subli-Flock 5901 PDF Instructions

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2 Reviews Write a Review

  • SUBLI-Flock 5901



    this is great for sublimation to cotton... when sublimated colors are vibrant and look very nice and a plus to this great product is this company's excellent customer service.


  • SUBLI-Flock 5901



    Great product! I ordered to put pictures on shirts without having to layer vinyl. The material is a flock with the "fuzzy" texture that is pressed down a little when sublimated. Colors came out bright and true. I cut the design (not mirrored) on a Silhouette Cameo prior to sublimation. I sublimated at 400 degrees for 45 seconds with medium pressure and it turned out beautiful. I let it cool and peeled it from the backing and pressed at 350 for 20 seconds on a cotton shirt.

    Product arrived quickly and without damage. I'm very happy with the product and the company!