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Dye Sublimate Drinkware in a Sublimation Oven

Dye Sublimate Drinkware in a Sublimation Oven

Posted by Heat Transfer Warehouse on Mar 18th 2021

How to Dye Sublimate Drinkware Using Shrinkwrap in a Sublimation Oven

Dye sublimation on drinkware is becoming more and more popular, especially with mugs and tumblers. From small crafters, to large storefronts, the dye sublimation process is fun, fairly easy to learn, and produces great results.


Today we are going to learn the process of dye sublimation on drinkware, more specifically 20oz skinny tumblers!

First, it is important to remove any plastic lids or attachments that come with your tumbler or mug. Then you are going to take your sublimation paper with your design ready to go, and trim it to fit the tumbler, or item you are sublimating. Next, you are going to use Thermo tape to hold the paper in place during the process. From there, you will cover the drinkware in a shrink wrap sleeve. After that, use a heat gun or hair dryer on the shrink wrap. The convection oven should be set for 195 C or 390 F. Once the oven is warmed up, bake the mugtumbler, etc. for 4 minutes. After the time is up, take it out of the oven with an oven mitt, and let it cool. Then, peel the shrink wrap and paper off of your drinkware. 

Here is a video that goes hand in hand with these instructions:

That is all there is to the dye sublimation process on tumblers! Check out the section of dye sub blanks on our website:

And make sure to tag us in your social media posts of your new dye sublimation creations! We love to see the creativity our customers have!