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Dark Transfer Paper

Dark Garments Heat Transfer Paper

Heat Transfer paper is a great way to be able to print with your desktop printer at home! We offer a wide range of different heat transfer paper for dark garments! Neenah transfer paper is a great quality heat transfer paper to use with your dark garments. Ranging from inkjet printers to laser and 3G Jet Opaque, Inkjet-Opaque II, and more! Neenah 3G Jet Opaque is offered in 2 different size papers along with, Neenah InkJet-Opaque II, Neenah Dark Laser 1, and Neenah InkJet-Pro Active Light! We also offer Forever paper that allows you to do no-cut designs! These look flawless on dark garments and ensure that your transfer is perfect. Forever Laser Dark Paper is a no-cut, self-weeding that only transfers to printed images. Forever Flex-Soft No Cut is also a great option for those flawless designs done with desktop transfer paper!