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SUBLI-Flock 5902

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Sku: 5902PK10
Price: $19.95

You can now print off your Dye Sublimation printer onto Flock sheets! With Subli-Flock 5902, you are able to print onto A4 (8.5" x 11") size paper that is made out of a white flock. It's a heat-sealable polyester white flock that is developed for dye-sublimation transfer-printing. This product is the same as SUBLI-Flock 5901 but in sheet sizes for desktop sublimation printers.

  • Flock sheets ready to be printed on
  • Works with only Dye Sublimation Printers
  • Works best with Sawgrass Dye Sublimation Printers
  • Sheet of A4 (8.5" x 11") size
  • Easy weeding properties
  • Resistant to yellowing
  • Not suitable for Nylon garments
  • Able to print directly onto the flock


For your garment needs, we recommend Heat Transfer Clothing

Additional Instructions

  1. Print Right Reading onto the Flock paper
  2. Allow time to dry
  3. Cut Right Reading
  4. Hand place design onto garment / textile
  5. Place Teflon sheet over design
  6. Press your transfer at 320°F for 15 seconds using medium, even pressure

Cut Settings for Graphtec:

Settings can alter for each cutter and how dull or sharp the blade is. Test Cutting is Recommended.

1. Offset: 0

2. Speed: 25 cm/s

3. Acceleration: 2-4

4. Cut Force: 26-28

*HTW uses a 45 Degree Blade

SUBLI-Flock 5902 HTV

SUBLI-Flock 5902 HTV