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Heat Transfer Paper

Heat Transfer Paper

Heat Transfer Paper is a great way to incorporate full color images into your garment decorating. We have a variety of papers for both inkjet and laser desktop printers that will add a new dimension of value to your garments. All of these papers can be used at home with a basic printer. We offer several brands of transfer paper for both light and dark garments that are compatible with numerous fabrics. Printable heat transfer paper is great for adding photos or other photo realistic elements to designs. It’s perfect for those one time events such as family and class reunions or even memorial shirts for a loved one.

Neenah is a popular brand of inkjet heat transfer paper that we carry available in packs of 100 and sample packs for testing or short runs. We also have our own in-house brand, WALAPaper that comes in packs of 50 as well as a sample packs of 10 for testing. Both WALAPaper and Neenah inkjet paper offer great opacity and will last up to 30 washes while still having a soft feel on your shirts.

Maybe laser printers are more your style and if that’s the case, we have paper for you too! We offer Neenah and Forever laser paper including Forever Flex-Soft no cut paper that is great for those really complicated one color designs that you couldn’t pay us to weed! Forever Flex-Soft also has the added bonus of adhering to hard surface items such as wood and ceramic surfaces. Many of these papers come in a sample pack as well as packs of 100 or packs of 25 for the Forever Flex-Soft. Laser heat transfer paper for both lights and darks will last up to 40 washes and have options for both light and dark garments.

Types of Transfer Paper: