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Applying HTV to a Can Koozie

Applying HTV to a Can Koozie

Posted by Heat Transfer Warehouse on Oct 24th 2019

For some it’s already Spring Break time, otherwise, it’s fast approaching and we’ve got the perfect solution for those cold drinks...custom can koozies! This process was super quick and easy and added a personal touch at the same time.

We were unsure how the can koozies would handle the heat so we decided to use Turbo Premium, which is pressed at a low temp (300°F) and short time (5 seconds).

We followed the standard process of working with HTV (cut your design in reverse, weed away excess material then place on your garment) however, being unsure how the koozie would take the heat we decided to use our hat press instead of the normal heat press. That way the heat was only applied to part of the koozie in case it were to not hold up. Now, if you don’t have a hat press a normal heat press would do just fine we were just being extra cautious.

After pressing it didn’t appear that the heat did anything to the koozie and they turned out perfect for you beverages by the pool or ocean for spring break!