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Supacolor Tips & Tricks

Supacolor Tips & Tricks

Apr 28th 2021

Ready to take your next project to the next level? With Supacolor, we have very few limitations on what we can print. The process allows us to print millions of colors and gradients to reproduce any logo, no matter how complex. Print fine text as small as 1 mm tall without requiring ugly traps or borders. Supacolor has been wash tested to survive 50 plus washes. They stopped testing at 70 washes. These transfers are made to last. We offer different end results from Wearables, Sub Block, Soft Shell Blocker, Headwear, to Promotional. Each one has a different press instruction to ensure that you get the correct press, every time. Think of Supacolor as if Screen Print became best friends with Digital print and cut. You get the heat transfer vinyl print of colors but a press like screen print transfers.

So, if you just ordered Supacolor transfers but are not sure where to start, or if you are struggling with common transfer issues, here are some useful tips and tricks to make sure you are getting the perfect press with these custom transfers, every time.

First, make sure you check the pressing instructions for your specific transfer. Here are the different instructions for types of Supacolor transfer:


Sub Blocker:

Softshell Blocker:



Pressure instructions:

After you have set your heat press to the right temperature and time, you are going to want to make sure you have the correct pressure. To do this, you are going to tighten the knob until you can no longer get the heat press to close. Then, at a half turn at a time, loosen your heat press until you can finally get it to close. This is the correct pressure you will use for your Supacolor transfers. When you are pressing Supacolor onto smaller items or sleeves, make sure you are placing the garment in the middle of your heat press, to create even pressure. Garments with thick seams can be a little tricky, but can be pressed using a firm pressing pad underneath the area of your Supacolor transfer to help get above those thick seams. After you place the pressing pad down, you will have to readjust your pressure using the same technique as before. When it comes to peeling your Supacolor transfer, the faster the peel, the better. For these transfers, you have 2 seconds from the time you are done pressing to completely peel it. You should peel your transfer from one corner to the opposite.

If you did make a mistake while pressing your Supacolor transfer, there may still be a chance to save it. To try to fix your mistake, you can do a 4 second repress, then peel from a different corner than before. Make sure you peel the transfer within the 2 second period again.

Check out this video to learn more: