Perfect peels, every time with Supacolor! Now with a longer peel window for confidence and efficiency. Supafast. Supaeasy.

Supacolor Screen Print Transfers

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    Unlimited Colors, Gradients and Fine Detail.

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    Excellent Stretch & Rebound. No Crackling or Fading.

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    Only Water-based Screen Prints and Digital Inks are used.

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What are Custom Screen Print Transfers / Custom DTF Transfers?
Screen print transfers, also known as screen-printed heat transfers or plastisol transfers, are a popular method for creating high-quality, durable designs on various fabric items, including shirts. They are essentially screen-printed designs that have been transferred onto a carrier paper, allowing you to apply them to fabric using heat. Here's an overview of the process: Design your artwork: Create or select the design you want to transfer onto the fabric. The design is typically created using graphic design software and should be suitable for screen printing. Prepare the screens: The screen printing process involves creating screens with the desired design. This step typically requires specialized equipment and expertise. The screens are coated with a photosensitive emulsion, exposed to light through a film positive of the design, and then washed to create the stencil. Print the transfers: Once the screens are prepared, the design is screen-printed onto a carrier paper using plastisol ink. Plastisol ink is a type of ink that does not dry or cure until heat is applied. Trim the transfers: After printing, the transfers are trimmed around the design, leaving a small border if desired. This step is important to ensure precise placement on the fabric. Preheat your heat press: Set your heat press to the appropriate temperature and time recommended by the transfer manufacturer. The temperature and time will vary depending on the type of fabric and transfer being used. Position the transfer: Place the fabric item on the heat press. Position the screen print transfer onto the fabric, ensuring it is placed in the desired location. Apply heat and pressure: Close the heat press and apply the recommended amount of pressure for the specified duration. The combination of heat and pressure activates the plastisol ink, causing it to transfer from the carrier paper onto the fabric. Peel and cool: After the specified time, open the heat press and carefully peel off the carrier paper from the fabric. The transferred design should be left on the fabric. Allow the fabric to cool down before handling or moving it. Screen print transfers offer several advantages, including the ability to produce high-quality prints with vibrant colors, fine details, and durable results. They can be created in advance, allowing for efficient production and easy application when needed. It's important to note that the screen printing process for transfers requires specialized equipment, materials, and skills. If you don't have experience with screen printing, it may be more practical to work with a professional screen printing company that can create the transfers for you. Supacolor are the best heat transfers with excellent stretch & rebound; no cracking or fading, even after 70+ washes.

Supacolor has very few limitations on what we can print. Our process allows us to print millions of colors and gradients to reproduce any logo, no matter how complex. Print fine text as small as 1 mm tall without requiring ugly traps or borders.

Supacolor has been wash tested to survive 50 plus washes. We stopped testing at 70 washes. These transfers are made to last.

You will need to know the fabric composite for the garment or product to be decorated, along with the color of it. This is important so that we may construct the best Supacolor transfer for your project.

Supacolor is available for purchase through Customers are requested to enter the orders online to expedite the processing of a job and to ensure accuracy. Heat Transfer Warehouse does not provide an art proof as a part of its ordering process. Our goal is to produce your transfers as quickly as possible. Our process is very accurate. As long as you upload great artwork, we’ll make great transfers. If you have any questions on artwork please e-mail An Artwork specialist will be in touch if we have any questions on the artwork you have uploaded. We will guide you through the artwork process to make sure you have a great transfer.