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Vinyl Scraps Project Ideas

Vinyl Scraps Project Ideas

Nov 15th 2021

If you are a fan of HTV, then chances are you have a bunch of leftover scraps cluttering up your workspace. Today we will show a few fun ways to implement your HTV scraps into your next project! Not only does this make room for new material, but it allows you to experiment with unique ideas and techniques. So let’s take a look at some scrap vinyl ideas that are sure to stand out.

Choose Your Blank:

The great thing about HTV is that it can be used on a wide variety of blanks. For this blog we worked with a  shirt and tote bag.

There are a few ways to create your design made from scraps. Today we will show you how to use your scraps that have the liner on still, and scraps that do not have the liner that have already been weeded! These projects are also nice because they do not require a vinyl cutter.

Tote Bag -

This design was created using scraps of HTV that still had the liner on them. The first step is to draw out the design for each layer you want to make.

Next, grab a sheet of  KTM mask or any liner from vinyl you have already used, and start placing your scraps liner side down.

When you are done placing the scraps where you would like them, cut out the shape that you want for your design. If you are working with KTM, it might be easier to put the backing on the design. If you are working with an existing liner from a previous project, you can cut out the shape without a backing! 

Repeat those steps for every layer of your design!

After you are done cutting every layer for your design, place the scraps that are attached to your KTM or existing liner, onto your garment. Then press your design using the proper application instructions for the vinyl you are working with. When peeling, keep in mind that some of the liners from the HTV will stick so you may have to peel them off individually.

Shirt -

This design was created from HTV scraps that did not have the liners on them, they were from previously weeded designs. First, trim your HTV to the shapes you want to use for your design.

Once you have your scraps all trimmed, lay them out how you would like the layers to be organized!

After you have set up each layer how you want them, grab your KTM mask (or used HTV liner) and place it onto the design. Once you have masked the scraps, you are good to press the design onto your garment! Use the proper application instructions for the vinyl you are working with.

Helpful Tips

  • You may find it helpful to use the grid on a cutting mat to line up your scraps
  • Use HTV that has similar pressing temp and time for best results
  • Experiment with different blanks like hats, canvas, pockets, aprons, and anything else you can think of

Follow the pressing instructions for your HTV and if you are wondering which settings are best, take a look at our blog  “Heat Press HTV Time and Temp Guide”. Check out this video from our partner Lucykiins, who made a beautiful design on canvas using vinyl scraps!