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Vinyl Storage and Shelf Life

Vinyl Storage and Shelf Life

Posted by Heat Transfer Warehouse on Oct 23rd 2019

Hey HTW customers! We often get asked questions regarding the optimal storage conditions and shelf life of our vinyl products. We understand that this information can be hard to find, so here is our best attempt at helping you out!

Storage and Shelf Life Recommendations:

  • The optimal conditions for storage are to keep the materials in a temperature controlled area, away from direct sunlight, and in dry area with relative humidity no more than 50%.
  • Always store vinyl upright and not on the side. Storing on the side can compress certain materials.
  • Most of our materials have an indefinite shelf life depending on how they are stored.
  • Custom Screen Prints will normally only last up to 6 months even when stored optimally.
  • Printable materials can be a more sensitive even when stored in optimal conditions, but normally are shelf-stable over a year.
  • Sign/wall vinyls have shorter shelf-lives, normally being shelf-stable for only 1-2 years. (Both FDC and Oracal manufacturers list specific information for each vinyl on their own websites).
  • We suggest to store materials wrapped in a plastic bag and boxed (just like the way we ship your packages)

***Please note that these are only recommendations by Heat Transfer Warehouse. We cannot guarantee that following these tips will always ensure optimal vinyl conditions. We do not hold responsibility for any damages created to your vinyl under these recommendations.***