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How to Press Siser Easyweed HTV

How to Press Siser Easyweed HTV

Jul 9th 2021

Last updated 5/31/23

If you are just starting out with heat transfer vinyl, you may have some questions about the process. Questions like "How do I press this HTV?" And we have answers! You'll be happy to learn that pressing HTV is a breeze so long as you follow the application instructions of the material (because the process may differ slightly between products)! In this blog, we will show you how to successfully press Siser Easyweed HTV using the right tools and equipment. With instructions for pressing and tips on how to get the best results, you can have your project looking perfect in no time!



Step One

  • Turn on your heat press (most heat presses will have a switch near the back). When you turn on the switch, the display screen should light up.

  • Once your press is on, adjust the temperature and time (with our WALAPresses, you hit the “set” button once to adjust temperature, then use the arrows to raise or lower it. You press the set button again to adjust the time, using the arrows to increase or decrease seconds). For Siser Easyweed, we set our WALAPress to 305 F for 15 seconds.

Step Two


  • After you've got the time and temperature set correctly, it's time for a pre-press. Most garments suggest a pre-press to remove wrinkles and moisture. While we do that, it's a great time to adjust the pressure of your heat press. Most heat presses (like our WALAPresses) will have a knob on top of the upper platen to adjust pressure. Simply turn the knob right to increase pressure and left to decrease pressure. For Siser Easyweed, medium pressure is recommended. Line up your shirt on the lower platen, and press the shirt.


Step Three

  • Once you have done a pre-press and adjusted the pressure, it is time to press. Line up your transfer where you would like it on your garment (you can use a heat press ruler for extra guidance). To use the ruler, place the curved end at the collar, then use the center line to find the middle of the shirt. After you have the design where you would like it, press the transfer. 

Note:  If you are doing one layer of Siser Easyweed, press for the full time. However, if you are doing multiple layers, a 1 second tack of each layer will work. For your last layer, press for the full time.


Step Four

  • When the time is up and your garment is done pressing, you will peel the transfer in a quick, fluid motion from one corner to the opposite. 

Note: Make sure you know if your HTV material is a hot, warm, or cold peel. For Siser Easyweed, it is a hot peel. That means you peel the liner off the garment immediately after pressing. If you are doing multiple layers, you need to peel the liner every time.


Step Five

  • Once you have peeled your final layer...Voila! The shirt is done! Wait 24 hours before wearing or washing. When you do wash the garment, make sure it is inside out. 

Note on the Design:

For this design, we did Siser Easyweed Yellow as the base layer, Siser Easyweed Stretch Frosty Mint for the second layer, Siser Easyweed Electric Frosted Blueberry as the third layer, and Siser Metal Silver Blue for the fourth and final layer. The first three layers were pressed for 1 second. The final layer of Siser Metal was pressed for the full time of 10 seconds.

For more information about getting started with HTV, check out our blog Getting Started with Heat Transfer Vinyl.