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We are the one stop shop when it comes to heat transfer rhinestones. We offer a Silhouette design to help in the create your rhinestone design. We have a wide range of colored rhinestones in the sizes SS6, SS10, SS16, SS20. You can also purchase a rhinestone color chart so you can alway be sure on the color you want to use for your next rhinestone design. Rhinestone template flock and our rhinestone template board is always a must when working with rhinestones. The template flock, once the desired design is cut, is your guide to where the rhinestones will be placed. The rhinestone template board keeps the template flock in place and helps keep your heat transfer rhinestones in one place. A rhinestone brush and a tweezers helps place rhinestones in their rightful place. One you finish placing the rhinestones, rhinestone transfer mask lifts the rhinestones out of the template flock so you are now able to heat press apply your heat transfer rhinestones onto your garment.