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DuoFlex 20"

DuoFlex 20"

Posted by Heat Transfer Warehouse on Oct 23rd 2019

DuoFlex by Chemica is a revolutionary product to the garment decorating industry. As stated by Chemica, it has a patented puff effect making it the only heat transfer vinyl that only requires one cut, one press, yet results in two colors! If you’re looking for a way to outline your designs then you’re in luck - DuoFlex allows for the perfect outline every time! It also adds an awesome raised look to your garment!

Product Width:

  • 20 inches

Product length:

  • 11 yards

Product thickness:

  • 600 microns thick

Available colors: (The first color is the top layer. The second color is the outline color)

  • Black/White
  • White/Black
  • White/Red
  • White/Blue

Applies on:

  • Applies to cotton, polyester, acrylic and similar fabrics


  1. Cut the material in reverse with the recommended blade (we recommend using a Use a 60 degree blade when cutting)
  2. Weed the excess material
  3. Heat press on the garment at 325°F for 30 seconds using a low and even pressure. We recommend protecting the polyester carrier with a Teflon Release Sheet.
  4. Peel the carrier off when COLD

**Please note that this product is a drop ship only product**

Tutorial Video:

To get started with DuoFlex click here