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WALAKut Puff HTV 10"


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Sku: WKPUFF-02-1

WALAKut Puff HTV 10"

WALAKut Puff is a puff heat transfer vinyl that is easy to weed, easy to use, and only requires one press. WALAKut Puff has the largest variety of color options of any puff heat transfer vinyl. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl ?
Puff vinyl is best used to add dimension and pop to designs.

How to press Puff vinyl ?
Always follow the application instructions, but some great tips are.

  • Sometimes, temperature can fluctuate with puff vinyl. If the HTV is acting weird, drop the temp by 10 degress and try again. 
  • Get the right pressure.
  • Make sure the heat settings are correct for the vinyl.
  • Do not overcook!

How to cut Puff HTV ?
Cut shiny side up! Other than that, just follow the application instructions and it will cut like any other vinyl.

Can you layer puff vinyl ?
Rather than layering puff HTV on top of standard HTV, we recommend doing an inlay for your design. Press the standard HTV parts of the design first, then the puff portion of your design last

What side do you cut puff vinyl ?
Cut shiny side up!



  • 305°F for Gold and colors, 290°F for White and Silver, 275°F for Pink, Lilac, and Neons
  • 10 seconds
  • Peel Hot
  • Medium, even pressure
  • Cut in reverse
  • Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Fabric Blends, Polyester/Acrylic, and Similar Fabrics NO NYLON
  • Wash inside-out, cold water, gentle cycle, tumble dry low

Additional Instructions


Cut Settings for Graphtec CE6000:

Settings can alter for each cutter and how dull or sharp the blade is. Test Cutting is Recommended.

1. Offset: 0

2. Speed: 8 cm/s

3. Acceleration: 4

4. Cut Force: 18

*Heat Transfer Warehouse uses a 45 Degree Blade

Cut Settings for Silhouette Cameo:

Settings can alter on how dull or sharp the blade is. Test Cutting is Recommended.

Material: Heat Transfer, Smooth

Blade: 3

Speed: 8

Force: 10

Cut Settings for Cricut®:

Settings can alter on how dull or sharp the blade is. Test Cutting is Recommended.

Set Material: Iron-On

Pressure: Default

Blade: Fine-Point Blade (Standard)


10" (9.75") pricing:

9x12 sheet = $4.00
1 yd roll = $8.00
5 yd roll = $35.00
10 yd roll = $58.00
27 yd roll = $140.00

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