Bolt is our checkout partner that helps us offer a faster, more secure shopping experience. Once you create a Bolt account, you'll unlock access to One-Click Checkout and easier login.

Passkeys give shoppers a fast and ultra-secure way to log in to their Bolt Account on mobile devices without having to enter a password. Instead, passkeys utilize device-specific methods of verification including:

  • PIN: shopper uses a short code that is stored on their device to log in
  • Touch ID: shopper uses their fingerprint instead of a password to log in
  • Face ID: shopper uses facial recognition instead of a password to log in

Shoppers can easily create a Bolt Passkey at . Once created, shoppers can use their Bolt Passkey on their mobile devices across the Bolt Network.

While adding your shipping and billing info, you'll see a checked box that indicates your information's been saved. Bolt will send a verification code to your phone or email to verify your info.

The next time you check out, you won't need a password or to fill out any fields, allowing you to finish the purchase in seconds.

With Bolt, we're pleased to offer:

  • Fast & secure One-Click Checkout
  • A simpler login experience through text verification. No more pesky passwords needed.
  • Encrypted account protection so you can shop with peace of mind
  • One account used across the Bolt Network, so you can shop seamlessly across hundreds of brands

When you're ready to check out, all you'll need to do is enter the verification code sent to your phone or email. This code allows us to offer a secure, One-Click Checkout experience and replaces your account password.

Yes! Guest checkout is always available. You do not need an account to check out, simply click “continue as guest” during checkout.

Shoppers' trust and safety are important to us. By creating an account, Bolt ensures that shoppers' personal details are secure. Learn more about how Bolt provides shopping with peace of mind.

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