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ThermoFlex Plus 20"

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ThermoFlex® Plus 20" material is a polyurethane based material that is durable with a soft hand and strong grip and if applied properly will outlast the life of the garment.

  • Matte finish
  • Quality, brand name heat transfer vinyl
  • Soft hand, very flexible, & moves with the garment
  • Polyurethane composition
  • Durable and will outlast the life of the garment when applied properly
  • 100 microns thick
  • Can be layered except for Light Blue PLS-9576 which can only be the top most layer
  • Dye Migration may occur with low energy dyes in polyester and polyester blends
  • Due to the manufacturing process, material may vary in width by 1/8-1/2"
  • ThermoFlex Pantone Swatches
  • Accessories
  • ThermoFlex Plus 15"

Questions & Answers

Can you layer Thermoflex? Yes


20" Pricing:
3 foot roll = $11.50
5 yd roll = $45.00 
10 yd roll = $85.00
20 yd roll = $165.00
30 yd roll = $240.00
50 yd roll = $380.00

  • 330° F
  • 15 seconds
  • Peel warm or cold. Light Blue COLD ONLY
  • Medium/firm even pressure
  • Cut in reverse
  • Cotton, linen, wool, lycra, spandex, polyester blends. NO nylon/ NO mesh
  • Wash warm, tumble dry on normal setting

Additional Instructions

Application instructions for dazzle cloth, shiny polyester materials, and coated polyester materials:

Damp a cloth with rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol), then gently apply it to the area on the garment you want to apply your design. Allow it to dry and apply your material. This will allow the adhesive to better penetrate the garment.

We highly recommend that you wash and dry your garments prior to pressing your design. This will also allow the adhesive to better penetrate the garment.

Cut Settings for Graphtec CE6000:

 Settings can alter for each cutter and how dull or sharp the blade is. Test Cutting is Recommended.

1. Offset: 0

2. Speed: 25 cm/s

3. Acceleration: 4

4. Cut Force: 16

*HTW uses a 45 Degree Blade

Cut Settings for Silhouette Cameo:

Settings can alter on how dull or sharp the blade is. Test Cutting is Recommended.

Material: Heat Transfer, Smooth

Blade: 3

Speed: 8

Force: 6

Cut Settings for Cricut®:

Settings can alter on how dull or sharp the blade is. Test Cutting is Recommended.

Set Material: Iron-On

Pressure: Default

Blade: Fine-Point Blade (Standard)


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40 Reviews Write a Review

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    Thermoflex is my favorite brand of vinyl to use. It just doesn't have the plasticky feel that other vinyls have and doesn't take away from.the soft feel shirts that I use. I love the variety of color availability as well.

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    As always, ThermoFlex HTV is my preferred HTV. There are few sites selling ThermoFlex, so I come back to HTW often. The colors are exactly what I need, the consistency and durability are what my customers need, and the prices and availability through HTW are what my business needs. At 20" width, I can get a lot of designs in a small linear footprint, meaning less waste and higher profit yields.

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    I just LOVE this product! I will not work with any other brand!

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  • Thermoflex Plus

    Baker Creek Jewelry & Boutique


    This product cut, weeded and transferred well. There is little feel to HTV. I like that the products are thin enough and flexible enough to allow for the fabric texture to be seen. Durable after application

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    This has been the best vinyl I used. Have been using it for over 15 years. Little more pricey but love the outcome. Never failed me.