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WALAPaper Inkjet Dark Premium 11x17

$40.00 - $160.00

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WALAPaper Inkjet Dark Premium 11x17

Heat Transfer Paper

WALAPaper Inkjet Dark Premium is a heat transfer paper that is made for inkjet printers which allows for easy at-home printing. It is fast drying once it is printed so it takes just minutes to design, print and create professional looking custom designs on garments. 


20 Pack = $40.00
100 Pack
1 pack (100 Sheets) = $160.00
2-4 Packs = $155.00 per pack
5+ Packs = $150.00 per pack


  • 350°F for 100%-50% cotton blends or 275°F for fabrics less than 50% cotton
  • 25 seconds
  • Peel Hot or Cold
  • Medium even pressure
  • Print and cut right reading
  • 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, 50/50 Cotton/Poly Blend
  • Wash inside out in cold water. Use mild detergent. Do not use bleach. Dry on low. 

Additional Instructions


  1. Bring paper to room temperature before printing
  2. Load transfer sheets into your printer so that the image is printed on the unlined (non-glossy) side. 
  3. Using your computer, select or design images to be transferred. DO NOT mirror or flip the image before printing. 
  4. Print image/design on paper using the following recommended print settings
  5. Use scissors to cut around the transfer artwork to remove excess
  6. Preheat heat press to 350°F for 100%-50% cotton blends or 275°F for fabrics less than 50% cotton
  7. Press fabric for 3-5 seconds to release moisture and remove wrinkles
  8. Peel liner from back of transfer
  9. Place printed transfer onto the fabric with the printed side up and cover completely with parchment paper
  10. Set to medium pressure
  11. Press for 25 seconds
  12. Remove parchment paper from transfer using a smooth, even motion



Suggested Blade: 45 degree

Suggested Force: 40-75 grams

You should always test cut prior to any production run. Remember cutter settings will need to be adjusted as your blade ages. For optimal cutting and weeding, maintain a line thickness of at least 1/8” for lettering & logos.



Wash inside out in cold water. Use mild detergent. Do not use bleach. Dry on low. 



Inkjet Dark has an indefinite shelf life when stored at room temperature. Keep away from direct heat, sunlight and humidity.

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