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ThermoFlex heat transfer vinyl has a collection of materials that ranges in finishes, colors, and textures. If you are looking for your basic colors with a matte finish, ThermoFlex Plus and Turbo Low Temp are great options ranging in so many colors and widths. Needing something different to make your design stand out? You have a range from DecoFilm Soft Metallic, ThermoFlex Neon, ThermoFlex Metallic, Metal Flake, DecoSparkle, FashionFLEX, and so much more! When using ThermoFlex products, you will see that the quality of heat transfer vinyl is held at a high standard and feels greats on all of your materials. ThermoFlex comes in a variety of widths perfectly suited for any cutter from the crafter cutters such as Cricut Explore, Cricut Maker, Silhouette Cameo 3 and Cameo 4 to the wider format cutters such as the Cameo Plus, and the Graphtec CE-7000. Plus, with it's Oeko-Tex rating, you can safely use ThermoFlex products to decorate children's garments too!


What is ThermoFlex ?
ThermoFlex is a popular HTV brand that offers many different types of htv.

What is ThermoFlex HTV ?
ThermoFlex HTV is one of the most popular brand of heat transfer vinyl on the market today! Check out some of there different product offerings on the page above.

What is ThermoFlex vinyl ?
ThermoFlex vinyl is a wonder htv option for those looking for a vinyl with a more matte finish compared to Siser Easyweed

How do you apply ThermoFlex ?
Follow the application instructions of you particular ThermoFlex vinyl. To find these instructions look at the product page that you bought your particular vinyl off of. 

Can you layer ThermoFlex ?
It depends which ThermoFlex vinyl you have, check the description of the product page of your vinyl.

How I cut ThermoFlex ?
Follow the cut settings under the application instruction on the product page of the vinyl you purchased.

Can I apply Glitter to ThermoFlex ?
It is possible to add glitter to your ThermoFlex HTV, but we would recommend purchasing a glitter HTV instead of adding it yourself.

Do you peel ThermoFlex hot or cold ?
It depends which ThermoFlex vinyl you have, check the application instructions of the product page of your vinyl.