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Reflection Decoration

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Price: $75.00

Reflection Decoration 19" HTV

Reflection Decoration is great for the nighttime visibility in the spotlight. With very small glass embedded in the film will reflect when any light shines on it.

  • 19" width
  • Great for nighttime visibility
  • Remove heat clear liner before cutting/plotting
  • Very small glass beads in the film that reflect almost all light that hits them
  • Great for running and nighttime sportswear
  • Not ideal for detailed artwork
  • Non-sticky blue liner
  • Not suitable for nylon
  • Cannot layer
  • Due to the manufacturing process, material may vary in width by 1/8-1/4"
  • Accessories
  • Heat Transfer Equipment 

10" (9.75") pricing:

9x12 sheet = $4.00
1 yd roll = $8.00
5 yd roll = $35.00
10 yd roll = $58.00
27 yd roll = $140.00

Additional Instructions

  • 300°F
  • 8 seconds
  • Peel hot
  • Firm, even pressure
  • Cut material mirror image
  • Cotton, uncoated polyester, fabric blends, lycra, wool, and linen

Remove heat liner before cutting / plotting Reflection Decoration PDF Instructions

Cut Settings for Graphtec CE6000:

Settings can alter for each cutter and how dull or sharp the blade is. Test Cutting is Recommended.

1. Offset: 0

2. Speed: 8 cm/s

3. Acceleration: 4

4. Cut Force: 16

*HTW uses a 45 Degree Blade

Cut Settings for Silhouette Cameo:

Settings can alter on how dull or sharp the blade is. Test Cutting is Recommended.

Material: Heat Transfer, Smooth

Blade: 3

Speed: 8

Force: 10

Cut Settings for Cricut®:

Settings can alter on how dull or sharp the blade is. Test Cutting is Recommended.

Set Material: Iron-On

Pressure: Default

Blade: Fine-Point Blade (Standard)


  • CINCINNATI PRODUCT; will make your entire order ship from our Cincinnati location.
  • location specific colors: White 306, Black 305.
  • This product has options that are DROPSHIP ONLY and, if selected, this material will be sent via ground shipping from the manufacturer and will ship separately from your order.

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2 Reviews Write a Review

  • Great product for the price



    Minus 1 star - Ease of weeding varies. So far I've used Silver, White, Black, Neon Green, Royal Blue, and Neon Pink I made 35 hoodies all with the same lettering and logo using the various colors. Silver, Neon Green, and Black were the easiest to weed. White is only slightly more difficult. Royal blue and Neon Pink I had to be much more careful to ensure separation of the cuts so as not to lift letters off of the carrier. The carrier does have a very light tack and the material isn't flimsy so should something lift off you have a chance to recover.

  • RD-205

    Yvonne Osborne


    The product is fine was told this is the same as RD-305 and that I would not notice a difference in the color, which there is a difference.