Introducing WALA Vinyl, Equipment and Heat Transfer Supplies

Introducing WALA Vinyl, Equipment and Heat Transfer Supplies

Oct 25th 2022

One of our goals at Heat Transfer Warehouse is to offer everything a person might need that’s related to heat transfer. We provide many products from some great brands to meet those needs, one of which is our own. Through a lot of learning and experience, we’ve built a line of quality products that we would like to shed a little light on. The name is WALA, and allow us, for a brief moment, to give a rundown of our product line (every once in a while it’s acceptable to toot your own horn).

WALA Equipment


To complete your creative projects with both style and efficiency, you’ll need the right equipment. Our WALA brand has you covered, with heat guns, sublimation ovens, and a variety of heat presses all flying under our banner.

WALA has a veritable armada of specialized heat presses to fit any customer need. We have several varieties of standard heat presses in different sizes, like the WALAPress 15 x 15 Clamshell Press, WALAPress 9 x 12, and WALAPress 16 x 20 in both manual and auto-open options, all of which make it easy to regulate pressure and temperature while pressing on a flat surface. There is also a laser alignment system available to make lining up your heat transfers a (warm) breeze.

There are also WALA options for more specific tasks, like our mug presses (in vertical and horizontal varieties), and our skinny tumbler press, which is for… you guessed it, mugs and skinny tumblers, respectively. There is a cap press to do the same for baseball caps and hats. We also offer a 7 in 1 and 8 in 1 tumbler press which allow you to press a large selection of blank drinkware. Finally, we have a craft press that has the versatility of pressing with an iron, but with much more reliable and controlled results.

Outside of the heat press realm, the WALA brand also offers a heat gun for using shrink sleeves during sublimation, and a sublimation oven to finish all your sublimation projects.

Standard Heat Presses:

- Manual 16 x 20

- 16 x 20 Auto-Open

- Pro 20 x 24 Auto-Open

- 15 x 15 Clamshell

- 9 x 12

- Craft Press

Specialty Heat Presses:

-Cap Press

- Vertical and Horizontal Mug Presses

- Auto Skinny Tumbler Press

- 7 in 1 Tumbler Press

- 8 in 1 Tumbler Press

- Sublimation Oven


- Laser Alignment System


WALAKut Heat Transfer Vinyl

The WALA brand also has on offer some stellar options in the field of heat transfer vinyl. Our WALAKut Express is an easy to weed, reliable option for general HTV, and has neon colors available as well.

WALAKut Soft is thin, smooth, and functions well on stretchy garments. WALAKut Metallics offer a brilliant metallic shine.

WALAKut Puff and Puff Plus expand in thickness after a second pressing, creating a pretty neat 3-dimensional effect.

WALAKut Clear Matte and Glossy clear both work stupendously for sublimating designs onto vinyl, depending on whether you’d like to end up with a matte finish or a glossy one.

Our WALAKut Patterns Fashion vinyl has a plethora of prints for you to choose from, featuring patterns like holographic animal prints, realistic galaxies, and glittery marble patterns.

WALAKut Silicone has a rubbery feel, and can be used to prevent dye migration. It works well on activewear, as it can be used on mesh material.

- WALAKut Express/Neons

- WALAKut Soft

- WalaKut Puff/Neons

- WALAKut Puff Plus

- WALAKut Clear Matte/Glossy Clear

- WALAKut Silcone HTV


WALAKut Adhesive Craft Vinyl

A relatively new addition to the WALA brand lineup is WALAKut PSV, a permanent sign vinyl that is available in a wide range of colors and makes weeding, cutting, and application easy.

WALAKut Reflective permanent vinyl is a thick, sturdy PSV that, like the name suggests, gives a glossy, reflective shine to whatever it is applied to. It boasts 7 years of outdoor durability!

WALASub Adhesive Vinyl Sticker Sheets allow the user to sublimate designs and cut them out to form their own custom sticker sheets. Our blog about this product can be found  here.


- WALAKut Reflective Permanent Vinyl

- WALASub Adhesive Vinyl Sticker Sheets

WALA Rhinestones

WALA Rhinestones

WALAStones are Heat Transfer Warehouse’s house brand of rhinestones. They come in three sizes– SS06, SS10, and SS16, and are available in crystal and crystal AB colors. They are backed by a strong adhesive and are CPSIA certified, so they can be applied to children’s clothing without worry. After all, what kid doesn’t want to be a rhinestone cowboy?

- WALAStone SS06

- WALAStone SS10

- WALAStone SS16

WALA Sublimation Blanks

The WALA brand offers an incredible assortment of blanks to apply your transfers to, so many that we can't link them all! We offer an entire line of drinkware to suit any need, from tumblers to mugs to mason jars. To accompany those beverage-holders, we also have several choices of customizable coasters to go underneath them, and koozies to help them stay both cool and fashionable. To complete your kitchen setup, we also offer round and rectangular glass cutting boards.

Also contained within our selection of WALABlanks are linen bags of differing sizes and purposes, pillow cases, pet clothing, and aprons, all ready for customization.

On the business and travel side of things, we also have smart watch bands, luggage tags, sublimation lanyards, and notebooks.

Finally, to tick off that certain “seasonal” box, WALA brand offers things like Christmas stockings, hats, and ornaments. There are also some options when it comes to Easter and Halloween.

WALA Paper

WALA brand also has you covered on paper, whether you’re looking for heat transfer paper or sublimation paper. Our WALAPaper Inkjet Light is perfect for light colors, has a smooth finish, and is stretchable. Our WALAPaper Inkjet Dark is great on dark colors, is flexible, and has a color density that will last as long as the fabric does. Both of these options make it easy to print and apply designs with an inkjet printer without the need for a specialized printer setup.

As for sublimation paper, our WALASub Paper is suitable for all types of sublimation blanks and substrates, and, with the use of a sublimation printer like the Sawgrass SG500 or SG1000, can be used to rapidly print vivid color transfers for whatever blank suits your project. We also offer a WALASub Wide Format sublimation roll for use with the Epson F570 printer that works wonderfully for large production runs.

- WALAPaper Inkjet Light Smooth

WALAPaper Inkjet Dark Premium

WALASub Paper



Lastly, our WALAInks cover all the bases in the transfer printing realm. All of our inks (with the exception of the screen print ink) are available in black, cyan, magenta, and yellow, and are resistant to fading. Our WALAInk Pigment Inks, for example, are more colorfast than dye-based inks, and they can be used in a wide range of printers. Our sublimation inks (WALAInk Sublimation Ink for CS6.2 and CS4.3) allow excellent color saturation and image quality, and prevent nozzle-clogging in printers. We even offer Direct to Film inks that are color-matched from batch to batch and are safe for your Epson print heads.

- WALAInk Screen Print Ink

Thank you for allowing us to give you an overview of the world of our brand. We hope you’ll continue to explore, and we think you’ll come to agree: if it has “WALA” in front of it, you know it packs a wallop.