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Ultimate Print Soft Matte UPSM-4030

Price: $62.00

Sku: 403015-10


Ultimate Print Soft Matte Printable HTV

  • Can be used with Latex printers
  • High-quality textile transfer films that provide photo-realistic digital printing using solvent/eco-solvent printers

Ultimate Print Soft Matte 4030 An opaque white polyurethane transfer film that offers high-resolution prints with a matte finish. Suitable for light and dark fabrics, has a pleasant soft touch, weeds easily, and has excellent wash resistance.  Manufactured without the pressure-sensitive carrier, which allows easy stacking of weeded designs This material is 80 Microns thick Ultimate Print Soft Gloss 4031 Transfer Mask  


15" Pricing: 

10 yd roll = $63.75

30 yd roll = $186.00

20" Pricing: 

10 yd roll = $85.00

30 yd roll = $248.00

30" Pricing: 

10 yd roll = $127.50

30 yd roll = $372.00

54" Pricing: 

30 yd roll = $625

60" Pricing: 

30 yd roll = $625  

  • 330°F
  • 17-20 seconds
  • Peel cold or hot
  • Medium, even pressure
  • Print true reading
  • Cotton, polyester and blends *No nylon
  • Wash inside out with mild detergent

Additional Instructions

Transfer Mask is recommended

Please note: This material will NOT work on nylon

  • This product has options that are DROPSHIP ONLY and, if selected, this material will be sent via ground shipping from the manufacturer and will ship separately from your order.

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