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SISER432 - Halloween Triangles

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DISCLAIMER! May delay your order 1-3 business days. This product also requires a heat transfer mask to properly work. Adhesive Vinyl Patterns

  • All your favorite patterns now printed on Siser heat transfer vinyl!
  • With Siser HTV Patterns you will get easy cutting and weeding with a thin and soft feel!
  • 11" printed workable space
  • We recommend if you use this product in a layered design to us this product as the top layer only.
  • Static Liner
  • This product requires mask. Heat Transfer Warehouse Recommended mask: KTM Mask TTD High Tack Mask
  • May delay your order 1-3 business days; depending on the time the order is placed and the quantity.
  • This is a Fargo only item, your entire order will ship from Fargo. Transit times may vary.
  • Please see our shipping policies
  • Colors are subject to change without notice
  • Patterns are subject to change without notice
  • Siser patterns cannot be returned

Siser HTV Patterns

Siser HTV Patterns
  • 300°F
  • 15 seconds
  • Peel mask warm
  • Medium, even pressure
  • Print and cut material right reading
  • 100% cotton, 100% uncoated polyester, poly/cotton blends
  • Machine wash warm, dry normal, wait 24 hours before first wash

Additional Instructions

Additional Instructions 
Cut your design right reading
Weed away excess material
Press your design at one of the temps and times listed above
Peel warm


Cut Settings for Graphtec CE6000:
 Settings can alter for each cutter and how dull or sharp the blade is. Test Cutting is Recommended.
1. Offset: 0
2. Speed: 25 cm/s
3. Acceleration: 4
4. Cut Force: 16
*Heat Transfer Warehouse uses a 45 Degree Blade

Cut Settings for Silhouette Cameo:
Settings can alter on how dull or sharp the blade is. Test Cutting is Recommended.
1. Smooth Heat Transfer Material Setting
2. Blade at a 1
3. Speed at 5, Pressure at 6
4. Double Cut/Cut on Mat 

  • FARGO PRODUCT; will make your entire order ship from our Fargo location.